Great expectations equals either of two realities aptly: Great Appointment or the absolute opposite, Great Disappointment. And so is life. You may cradle the hope and dream for a brighter tomorrow. As we sojourn in life, you may come to notice that one of the great lies concerning the human condition, where an entity or person becomes sick of heart and embittered with grief as we all, every single human being suffer to some mild to strong degree of suppression as a real part of the fallen nature of the human race.

We need to collectively observe and come to the ultimatum and more evidently the cause of depression of the human nature. We find statutes erected in honor, landmarks of such noble prestigious persons whom planted the seeds and left us as a new generation the essential building blocks for the YESTERDAY, TODAY and TOMORROW or FUTURE.

What is Your Life Expectancy? What is the entire truth about you, why are you even here? Suffice to say, you not here to sit like bum on a log or at best wave each day goodbye as we never seem to ever come to the reason for our lives. WHAT DO YOU SEE!!! I see Greatness locked up inside of you. This is as real as it gets friend. If life was any fair, we would all live happy ever after lives. This is maybe how it might have started in the Genesis of Mankind. But hardly so in this present moment. Life will test and prove you, Life is an hard task master at best. And this is the catalyst to get you to your divine appointment in Life, period.

You might been asking why Lord every day of your life. Well let’s just solve this right here right now, let me tell you why and settle this matter once and for all time.There is a better ideal and cause at stake and reaches beyond just YOU!!! The picture as a whole supersedes your life expectancy, and brother or sister, the soonest you come to this revelation you will rid yourself from Great disappointments.

To be continued…


Ok! Where do we start? I have to inform you, that in your lifespan there shall be troubled times of distress, pain, even trauma which will create a sense of desperation to get a fix.

Some choose to deal with their pain with drugs whether it be prescribed or hardcore street drugs.

We strive towards a perfect happy world, however, neither the less I wish to inform you. This is world as we know it to this point renders hardship, sorrow and more evidently pain unspeakable.

Whether you pop Grandpa’s to treat your pain, or even prescribed drugs, or the extreme, taking up hard drugs to alleviate the pain that is so undeniably real in every way and escaping this reality most people resort to alternatives.

Some stop serving the Lord Jesus Christ. They sincerely believe that our sworn enemy Satan will leave them at peace should they reject their deepest found belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. We don’t deal or negotiate with the devil. Why? Cause he always cheats!!!

Escaping the reality of your pain, and I don’t raise this topic light hartedly but do yourself the favor. Go to the nearest mall in your vicinity and observe peoples expression on their faces, cause the face never lies.

Yes! You where brought into this world as a babe. However you where born according to the sinful nature and brought into existence in a fallen state. What are you trying to say Jaco? You may ask. Simply this: “You don’t know any better” than the life you now currently live.

It is going to take an sincere leap of Faith to move from an obscure world into the life of abundance as promised by our Lord Jesus the Christ.

And so it is. Escapism is real and will render you in a place unlikely en-devour or aspired to. There does not exist a quick fix in this World, save by the comforter. See! Now we have established the problem, we live in an distorted and fallen world, this is a problem. Here is the Fix: In my favorite book, the Gospel according to John. It is said by the Lord Jesus: “I will not leave you comfortless or in distress, but I will pray the Father and HE will send you Another Comforter, the Holy Spirit.

He is so Gentle and Kind, and will never force Himself on to you. Be extremely sensitized when it comes to these matters, seen that they present truth, now truth can either set you free or very much so bind you should you to shun away from the God inspired Word.

And if you don’t have a Bible then I will donate one to you free of charge should you reside in South Africa. The Holy Spirit Inspired Word of the Living God holds the power to set you free or as before bind you, should you repel the message it gives.

I good illustration would be the following. A baby being nurtured and fed with a tea spoon. The mommy will NOT force feed the child. In the same light, practice the Word inside of you. I can promise God will entrust you with more revelation as you pursue a life totally surrendered unto Him, your utmost for His Highest…

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