He won’t give IT unless you Get IT


I wonder how, I wonder why, I wonder each and every time. I think so pure, from nature’s heart, placed there by God’s own very heart. Maybe, we are mistaken and have such thoughts, surrounding this, so please try find, another why, this could not be God’s own heart to find.

Cosmos, every single colour precious sight, each carefully planted from God’s great might.

At times we see, at times we know, but above, that ye should know, all of these from Heaven’s throne. And if He should care for each of these, how much the more shall He to thee. Look my child, there is but two, he that sows then he that reaps.

Maybe wrong, maybe unsure, but I pretty much think, they all so planted for our very own. Cosmos, Cosmos, who gave your name, who planted you here, next to every way? I see you come I see you go, but where you not for times as now?

There is a season in every soul, ways of right, O come abode. I choose each one by colour’s own, how will I know, how shall I choose, they all so frail yet only God knows. Tel me, tell me, tell me now! Lord how come you plant each and every one, your very own.

Displaying a kindly God’s own heart, for miles along each and every road. Why Lord, Why Lord, should we even frown. Life is not easy, life is not kind, but I pray each of us, a Cosmos for Heaven found. Some will not see, some will not know, God’s own hand, planted these, even His, His very own.

They where here before you knew, how then can you pick, or even one to choose? All these planted by God’s design, that might ye walk there, ye might find. He loves you intently, as morning dew, clothing each of these with an array of Heaven’s own, pick one for you, then one for me,  each so uniquely, kindly, coloured themed.

What behoves us to ever say, they just grow from random nature’s way. This calls to see another way, if He can dress the roads and every other way, cosmos we see you all the way. If in so little a thing as this given attention this day, so how much the more, sow seeds of love, then kindness, every day.

No tongue can tell, no one can say, His love for you, as it is true? He loves me kindly, He loves me dear. But most of all, a Cosmos such as me to choose.  Heaven stretches out it’s hand, then picks each one, when time draws near, when God will come and hold you dear, where there’s no sight of single tear.

Each array as light from heart, God wants to show you each and every inward part, along the way, when journey start, keep your sight ahead hind road, where God has sown each and every own. He comes so gently and in tender heart, to steal you away for Heaven’s part. But when He does, He makes you His own, a Cosmos for Him, His very own.

He won’t give IT unless you Get IT

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What a controversial statement in itself…right? What am I trying to paraphrase here? Something I hold very dear amongst my discoveries in my Christian pilgrimage. That simply, breaking it down in one sentence. You aren’t  getting anything  from the Lord unless you get IT.

Still unsure what I mean by it right? Well friend, I am sure I can unravel the Word and prove from many quotations that what I am saying is the absolute honest truth.

Jesus could in various vicinities perform little or no miracles, simply because people just could not comprehend who this man (capital “M”) is that was standing in front of them…they did not believe or perceive.

They have studied the scriptures, and in them they through they had eternal life. The Word became flesh and dwelled amongst us, yet His own received Him not, neither did they know Him. See friend, you might know all about Jesus your saviour, but unless He becomes real to you and you, a proven Testimony, you have little or no authority over the devil.

For is it not recorded according to the Vision of John on the Isle of Patmos, in the very book of Revelations. And we overcome him (Satan) by the BLOOD of the Lamb and the Word of our Testimony. Your personal knowledge was hard earned, paid for with blood, sweat and tears, have Adam and Eve not eaten from it themselves.

It was all provisioned for, Adam and Eve had it all together man. I mean this was one powerful dude, stumbled into dust and had to till the soil to learn more about IT. See, you might be a recent convert to knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. But dearest, lest you have walked the walk, and talk the talk, you won’t GET IT!

Get what Jaco, might be the question flirting with your mind…everything that pertains to Life and that more in abundance. Yes, but I received Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour, might be your solemn reply.

See it is not personal until you meet with Him and have been acquainted with Him, sharing in His Likeness, being  made a partaker of His Divinity, having the same Nature. Yes you have encountered saving Grace, but friend, I speak of a much more far greater exceeding knowledge… knowing Him, knowing Grace Himself.

Your faceted perception of the Christ might at greatest be extremely vague at the beginning, but when you have endured and run and race and SEEN the finish line, only at such stage will you fully comprehend what and for Whom you have been running.

My people perish due to a lack of knowledge the Lord Said…and it still echoes today. See, what do you know about Him? Do you know him at all by any means, is He evident in your life? Based on this knowledge will His Grace and Mercy be multiplied unto you, grace unto grace, from strength to strength,  one state of Glory to another.

You need Jesus, this ain’t a crossword puzzle, but yes! This needs to be resolved in your life. Have you fitted the pieces of Love, Grace and Truth. Are you getting the picture at all my friend. You may be able to quote scripture from here to Timbuktu. Unless you un-riddle this Great mystery, your perception of the Christ might be skewed at best.

But when you have made The similar discovery as mine…

Only in a moment such a IT, will you fully carry knowledge and understand what Jesus amplified to the Heavens on a Cross when He cried: “IT is finished

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