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The Lord just dropped this “News Flash” or message into my spirit as I was watching the frivolous debates between North Korea and the USA, and as such as the UN, other countries, and sanctions.

Well friend, let me tell you this much. We are safe!

No mother of all bombs will drop on South Africa, neither has Kim Jong-un, the Prime minister of North Korea any notion or intent to send one of his missiles to our homeland. I can, however, say this prophetically; THE SHOUT WILL COME FROM THE SOUTH. By a more descriptive means;


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The love most experience is in a superficial way and level. Once you have encountered the true love of God you will never be the same. The Word states: “Love Conquers all”. You might have figured this whole love saga out beforehand. We all start out with these certain romantic notions in how the perfect love relationship should be between male and female.

I have seen it in and out. The love we share with our spouse is the love found in a real way, yet falls short of the true and authentic love of GOD. Partners can surprise you and let you down,

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Well, maybe you might be in total disagreement with me on this but this is the very Words of Jesus The Christ our Lord and Saviour. He made this note and Prayer: “Father I pray for the those you have given me “speaking of the 12 disciples” yet one (Judas Iscariot) is a devil. Knowing his betrayal beforehand.

Please, children of God, it is not your place nor duty to intercede for the entire world. Do you understand me clearly? Yes, you must pray, but when you pray, pray firstly for your own and as such as the Lord has given you.


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It is evidently so that many live their life by a 20/20 focal vision only. I would like to take this time to introduce you to a whole new way of seeing. See folks, we were not originally created or engineered to live by 20/20 vision by its own at all.

To prove myself quite clearly from a Biblical perspective. At the time of Noah in Genesis 6, it has not rained on the earth since Adam. It took Noah approximately 100 years to complete the Ark, having no sight of clouds neither rain. Why did Noah do this?


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Dear and fellow followers of the Lord our Master Jesus the Christ.
Prior to where I am standing this day 17 years ago had a taste of that to come, in fact, I was so excited that I locked myself in my bedroom for 120 days, praying and fasting. I saw, but yet to see.

Our Lord made reference when confronting the Pharisees and Sadducees and used these very profound words: “Abraham saw my day, and was glad”. In essence bringing into time a reality at a set season that One would be born,

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It was said, love comes at first sight. True, but not true. Oh, how we love to refer to a male and female “fall in love”. It does not strike me as peculiar, seen that you more fall in lust than anything else. Yes, a physical attraction is crucial, but love grows.

Let me give you a classic example of myself before I was married. I was so lonely and desperate I would do crazy things of which I am not particularly proud of, for one, going to the cinema and making sure I book a seat right next to a reserved seat,