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This article is not addressed towards those precious souls that have not come to the knowledge of salvation, but I am coursing this message directly to those who either are saved, healed and delivered, from such a great a salvation, even the gift of Christ given liberally without excuse.

So you want to be a Christian, ok, very good I would say, know this much, you are moving your Spiritual logistical position from the realm of having belonged to another commonly known entity namely,

Asleep in the Light

It is by no means my intent to judge any man or woman, however, I need to get this message across to you whether it might appeal to you or not, just think about it. I spoke to my wife yesterday, and as we were praying in the early morn as we do each day, she prays for revival.

Ok, fine by all means, the question I need to pose to you,

The Mouthpiece of Satan

Ever watched these crazy UFO or alien movies, sad indeed, did you know that there are actually idiots out there, mostly in the US that truly believes aliens are for real. Well let me scare you even more, they are not far off…

See, if Satan, a fallen creature has the means and ability to transform and present him as an angel of light and as part of Satan’s trickery, he does not use any other real means of deceiving people into all kinds of doctrinal error, 

Listen Closely

Why would I write this kind of article, its very title might carry a sense or notion of arrogance in itself. Well, I am not even trying, I am giving basic instruction which is a common denominating reality that you as the human can not escape from seen that you already carry such knowledge, you are bound by this truth, it can either bind or loose you.

Step up to the table,

Glow in the Dark

We are called as light set on a hill. Shining in the light? No…we are set high giving light to those in darkness. Take a pitch black room, light up a candle and see the light pierce the darkness.

You are a Glow with the love and power of God Himself. Before hence time you where in darkness now you are set alight to bring hope to a broken lost and darkened world.

Living with Yourself

There is a dual-fold phase application to this article, please read to the end. First let’s look at why the most common problem people face in this heartbroken world is: “Living with themselves”. In a sense one can draw the line and come to the ultimatum that many people have become their own worst enemy. This reasoning may be incurred by your own choices or else, other’s deeds towards you that left you shattered and in pieces.

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