Many people around the globe, more specifically in the charismatic circles, children of God desire and have a hunger to move in the realm of the Supernatural, to have relationship with God. This is Good! We should desire Spiritual Gifts. This might be obtained by impartation and activation through Word, Prophecy and the laying on of the hands.

God inhabits the praises of His people. Ultimately according John 14… it states a twofold presence of the Holy Spirit that applies in our lives, the Spirit within and the Spirit upon. We need both!!!

The Spirit within is an inward progressive transformation by Whom He gives you the ability to commune with Him and ultimately be transformed into His Likeness. The Spirit upon is an all the time, continuous, Tangible, abiding, lingering manifest presence of God.

NO ONE comes unto the Father lest the Father draws you. There is no intervention on your behalf here. God will show up, show Himself strong and reveal His GLORY to You!

You might be the fortunate one that received the Lord and experience His Manifest Presence non-stop, regardless of place or geographic location and this is what we call a visitation or the day of visitation.

God will probe you and feel your response to His presence. If He feels welcome, He will pitch His tent and cause His angels to encamp around you. Angels are the carriers of the Presence of God.

However you have a twofold choice in your day of visitation. One, you ignore Him, yes, you might even be the person that understands the Kingdom dynamics and reality of the Manifest presence of the Living God, but there is an underlining bitterness towards God.

Person number two, grabs onto God with all his or her might, they are the ones who loves the Father in Spirit and Truth. This kind of seeker will do his or her utmost to keep God with them, to please Him, make Him feel comfortable and WELCOME.

How does one recognize the day of visitation? God will supernaturally intervene and He will manifest Himself to you in a tangible and real way. How you respond is Key! This Key will unlock the mysteries of God…

Ever spent 120 days with God in a room? I did. Have you ever eaten one meal a day for 9 years? I did. Have you done everything by all possible means to keep God with you?

God is so gentle, loving and kind. Remember when you had your first encounter with God? How you would sob for hours soaked in The dense manifest presence of God? Do you remember dancing with Him, laughing with Him? I do.

Which brings us to the epic tone of this article, aptly “THE KINGDOM OF GOD”. Wow! what a powerful reality. The Power and presence of God is given to demonstrate, to enforce, empower the will of the Father on the Earth, even as in Heaven.

Matthew: 10:11 “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.”

The main question is: “What would you do when your day of visitation comes?”

You can miss it 100% and it may tarry before the Lord would visit you again. You will recognize the day of visitation. GRAB ONTO GOD and do the absolute utmost to let Him stay with you.


If the enemy can achieve one thing, then it is this: “Taking your focus of the Lord Jesus”. I heard of the following saying: “Where the attention goes, the power flows. Take your focus off the Lord Jesus and you will receive exactly that which you pen your focus on.

It is of utter importance we maintain focus, I am one to believe to a degree in spiritual warfare, however if you spend 12 hours a day rebuking the devil then I have help you. It is good that we have authority over the devil. Jesus said: “Do not rejoice in the fact that the demons are subject to you, no, rather rejoice that your names are written in Lamb’s Book of Life.

Taking a part of the truth, and making it the whole truth is just the type of believe ideologies , that has the ability to become a sect. Living with an approach to a balanced lifestyle and realizing, the more emphasis we place on constant spiritual warfare is typically the individuals that end up in mental institutions, been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

In my younger years, I was obsessed with the devil, as a end result ended up in mental homes and institutions regularly, am I proud of it, no! If I knew what I know now, then most probably would not have had 17 brain-shock treatments, or spent 40 weeks in mental institutions, neither living in a nursing home for four months.

By the grace of God, I had to learn the hard way: “God does not fight fights we pick with the devil” Challenging Satan will bring you nowhere! Cursing the devil does not help either. If you are constantly aware of evil, and if you are forever in a spiritual battle then it is evident that your focus is wrong.

Trust me, I also hate Satan with a perfect hatred. But some people talk more with the devil than with God. This is real, give attention to the devil each day, you too my friend might end up in a mental home.

Satan is a master in taking your focus of God gradually. Once you have lost sight of Christ, you will become vulnerable and prone to a direct attack on your life. Jesus said: “I have come to give Life and that more in abundance, however the devil has only come to kill, steal and destroy”

Now ask yourself the question: “Where is my focus?”

I want to encourage you, maintain focus on the Lord Jesus. Submit to God an resist the devil.

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