To You with Love


The Word of the Great Commission. Go to the uttermost parts of the Earth. See, the 12 chosen by the Lord did not sit on His Word, no they took hold of it and ran with it. Oh how we have received a commission from the SPIRIT of GOD! You are the one I am addressing, can you remember your zeal and passion for the things pertaining God.

But you have lost heart, and seemingly appears that you feel such distance from HIM. You are so very much in love with the Lord. Why refrain? RUN, RUN, RUN with the Word, the Word placed in your very mouth. You have been acquitted and sent, you are a sent one. Be wise as a serpent and innocent as a Dove.

Lingering sometimes can become a comfort zone, you need to take this revelation or that which has been made known to you pertaining the character and nature of the Lord. You can’t sit on this Word. Lest you become stagnant and someone else WILLING will run with IT.

You have been infused and ignited with The Spirit and the very Truth. Don’t spare a single moment. See, lest you have any, you cannot share, but it is for your own concern that I bring this very Word. You need to RUN with IT!

Don’t complicate God, make it plain, share your Heavenly experience with a dying or if you will lost world. The Power upon you, yes you! Is not for your own good only. Lest you don’t run with this Good Word or burry IT deep, look, in season God will remove you lamp from the midst of the Faithful.

We can’t wait any longer. The message is plain: “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”. Your discovery of the heavenly vision is not imparted for you to feel nice. Yes! It is great to abide in His presence. But this Power is intended, purposed, given to share with a world in pain…

Right now! someone might be in pain, dying or even worse lost and hopeless. Let’s bring the Good Word of Hope to the nations. You have been commissioned to GO!

Yes, go to the lost, feeble and confused. Bring a Good Word of Hope! You are instrumental in this command, the Lord needs you! But if you don’t go and tell the World, I can assure you, God will NOT wait on you. If you don’t do the Job, then God will find one that will.

Take The fire! Run, run, run. Make it plain! The Kingdom is at hand. Prophesy to the Breath! Be fruitful and multiply your seed. There waits a great award for you. See, says the Lord, to Him who overcome, to him I will give of the hidden manna, I will write His or Her name on a white stone. This calls anew for fresh oil. For look, your Oil is only but a little, where shall you go? Where shall you enquire? You shall acquire of the Lord and He shall give you Fresh Oil.

God is on the Move in South Africa. Within 6 months, yes, 6. Will revival break forth in this land South Africa. People will run once again as the church Father’s of old. Who is this I see? I see the young picking up the axe, ready for battle. Youth of South Africa, don’t look into the earthly affairs, no, look to me. For I will rise up a people, even a remnant, those not ashamed of my Name.

For was it not I, your Lord, that shed my Blood for you? I will empower and equip you. You who stand by the foot of the mount, yes, speak, speak, may the mountains be made plain in this hour. Senior officials even at this very moment are being evangelised and there will be no more innocent bloodshed, For I, says the Lord will bring speedy work in this land.

By ONE man’s obedience, one who runs, one who is willing, yes! You, I shall use you!

Keep a steady watch, before the fall of the 6th month, there will be havoc in the enemies camp, the North shall say, what is this? The East will sing, let us return to our homeland. South Africa belongs to God. Take this land, it is yours for the taking, I have strengthened you arm, you shall dash the false to pieces. Be true in your conduct and I shall prosper you says the Lord.

I says the Lord, can cause a sudden work, who shall stand in my way? For I remember, yes I says the Lord. The Blood cries out. Even the utter hatred and violence, shall come to an end. For one, yes one, shall be removed swiftly. Heaven is my throne and the Earth my Footstool. Who shall build a House for the Lord? Strengthen your loins, dress for battle, for the day has come, it is already here, where I will pour my Spirit on you South Africa.

You shall sing a NEW SONG, SHINE JESUS SHINE! In one accord as one colour, one race, even the colour of true LOVE!

Take this Word and Run!


To You with Love

Ever read the little card on your birthday or Christmas gift, it is addressed to you with love from someone. Essentially you are given the gift because the giver treasure you in their lives and a gift you give exemplifies your love or intent for a person. When we give we give from our hearts, we do not hold back, we reveal our love for the ones we love. In other words a heart felt aspiration to show the evidence of your love.

Many a times during Christmas we are so excited, not about the fact that we will receive physical goods, but rather we are anxious to see how others feel about us. Sometimes we put allot of effort into our giving and we are extremely selective in what we give.

A Gift is given on the terms that it is meant to be received, a gift not received is no gift at all. I wish I could put to words the love and intent God has for this generation. If only you could grasp for one second what Jesus’s earth sending and crucifix means to us.

God selected Jesus, He addressed His only begotten Son to you and me, put him on a cross and offered him up for us. If you need evidence of God’s love for you, look at the work on the cross, this is proof sufficient. Love is not love without tangibility, in essence we are extremely observing in behaviour in others. And typically we get a message of love and how they feel about us.

Jesus stretched one arm to the left and one to the right, thought about you, then opened His palms to the falling hammer, there he was nailed to a cross for you. God is still giving today, and He wants to give you life eternally…

If I had to put a gift in front of you today and say, under that wrapping is Life, Joy, a life of purpose and Blessing. You would not even think twice before opening it. Why is then so hard for so many to say yes to Jesus Christ.

If you want to open that gift today…please pray this prayer with me: Lord Jesus, I love you, I accept the gift on the cross, please forgive me of my sin and come and live through me….in your holy name…amen.

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