Birth of Life and Death


One notable attribute which fits part of the Lord’s Nature is to give gifts to mankind. A gift is given on terms that it is meant to be received. Now, one can fully understand a child desiring a gift from a father, such father would be broken of heart should he fail in giving his child’s heart’s desire.

It is recorded, every good and perfect Gift proceeds from the Father. It is a perfect gift, there is no flaw neither deficiency in it, His true desire is to give you the desire of the heart. There is different levels and kinds of gifts.

A gift might manifest in the supply of your needs, whether it may be, Physical health and in the body, a life with purpose and even the most notable of Gifts, a Spiritual Gift which He gives liberally, this is regarded above and beyond any a kind of Gift one my ask of the Father.

God is fully aware and acquainted with not only your grievances but the hope of the heart. Adam and Even placed themselves under the rule of darkness.

I can even now in my mind’s eye visualize the pre crucifixion. I wonder what must have gone through the Father’s heart. And we have a better understanding of this, proven, given, not to relent or refrain from offering us the ultimate gift on the cross, even the Gift of Life, His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

This gift comes by and via invitation, you are invited to accept this epic gift of the cross and say Lord Jesus, I love you, thank you for your Life and Gift on the Cross.

Jesus Christ, containing the Father heart for mankind, does not leave us empty handed but has given us such vast array of Gifts to the serving and ministry of the KINGDOM. You as a follower and disciple of the Lord Jesus have and impartation, even a treasure in an earthen vessel.

God in turns expect us as His children not to refrain from giving. Giving is a major factor in the Kingdom of God. I would go as far as to say, the Lord is extremely sensitive in the area of giving. God does not need your money, He needs a surrendered heart, but this does not mean that we should not sow in whichever way, monetarily, in giving praise and sharing the Father heart with a fallen world.

As I have loved you, so love one another, the Words of our Lord shortly to follow was His death on the cross. And even in this state of utter excruciating pain, gives an allotted sinner, the right to the entrance of eternal life.

I don’t quite think we would ever fully grasp the entirety of God’s Heart for you and me. This love is so amazing. That for God so loved the World, THAT HE GAVE His only begotten Son, that whosoever believe in Him, shall not perish but ENHERIT eternal Life.

Be a giver, even an imitator of the Father, offering your utmost.



Birth of Life and Death

James 2:13 When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone; 14 but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed. 15 Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, “gives birth to death.”

Faith without works is already dead. (James 3:16).

As observed in these two verses, it is evident that our doings, and not doings can produce death itself. Likewise, in as much as we can produce death in the opposite, produce Life. This is notable words to consider: “Giving birth to death”. We can come to the ultimatum that birthing is a process that is carried in time until it has attained its full course aptly: “Death”.

You might sin today, and not repent, and I can assure you, in due time you shall receive the recompense of your evil deeds. Here is a established time frame factor involved before giving birth to “DEATH”, for the sin to complete its full course.

If you consistently abide in the Word and His Words in you, and not just being hearers only, you will be without fault. We can give birth to two realities. Let’s deal with the birth of Death:

Birth of Death

Let me hit the first note here and state that God does not sin and never instigated it, He is Holy. It was the introduction of rebellion against the Lord’s command that Adam and Eve landed us where we are today.

Never the less, there is forgiveness for sin, this does not mean you are rendered without penalty. You will pay a dear price for your sin. For is it not recorded that even HE (Jesus The Christ) learned obedience from the things He suffered.

If our Lord was without exemption in this regard, how the more should we as the building blocks of the church be cautious in the testing of our very faith, and being disciplined by the Father. For look, if the Father does not discipline us, we are illegitimate children.

But it is for this very reason that we are disciplined, because He loves us! He knows full well the full course of sin and its ultimate penalty, in namely Hell. In so much that he offered up His only begotten Son (Jesus Christ) for our trespasses. In as much as our fleshly deeds of sin has effect, how much the more in giving birth to LIFE would not only affect your life but dually those around you!

Birth of life

The only possible means for us to give birth to Life, is through and via baptism in the Holy Spirit, where you would then become instrumental in this cause, of bringing the lost to repentance, healing the sick and casting out demons. Point being. It is not your power.

When you are endowed with POWER from God. As a good Word of Faith, with the Spirit that produces Life, in like manner so does an evil tongue produce death. The power of your tongue has ability to create life or very well being such a small rudder, steer you and your family, into dry places.

The power of the spoken word over your own, and others lives, carries tremendous POWER. The confession of the tongue can either produce LIFE or DEATH. The imagination of the Heart might be a fount springing up in us as spring of water, or to the opposite. salty water, upsetting and that which is distasteful .

Set a guard before your tongue, speak life, and not death words. In as much as your evil tongue can produce demonic empowerment, which in turn, affects the realm of the spirit, so in same manner, does speaking Faith words to others, being fully empowered by the Holy Ghost, render Life and that more in abundance.

We are here to be bearers of the Light, shall we hide the lamp under a bush? No! We lift it high for all the world to see. We are the salt in the earth, but when the salt has lost its saltiness, there is therefore no more further use for it other being trampled underfoot.

Your life actions has POWER to bring Life to a very sad and broken world. I want to challenge you. Test your tongue and the fruit it will produce. Speaks words of Life and Hope!


It is a common misunderstanding of the composition of the three-part man. I wish not to debate this topic as it seems that some have their own doctrine pertaining this matter. The truth of the matter is, every single person has God in them, this is undeniable.
It is only the Spirit that keeps any person alive. When a person dies, their spirit returns to the Source…the Father. The physical body without the Spirit is dead. Every such man or woman possessing the Spirit of God are living, not necessary ALIVE.

There is much confusion pertaining the following, please try and see my own personal point of view. It is said that we are spirits, possessing a soul living in mortal body. I have to disagree in this regard. You are a Soul, Born of the Spirit and housed in physical mortal body.

You may ask how did you come to this revelation. When our Lord hung suspended on the cross, His last cry was the following: “Father into your hands I commit my Spirit” and He gave up the Ghost. When Christ made this statement, did He proclaim or stated it as a Spirit, or a Soul.

The Word became flesh and dwelled amongst us, and we beheld him as of the only begotten Son of God. So here is my thinking: The Lord gave up the Ghost to the Father on the cross, His physical Body in the Tomb and His Soul in Hades, conquering hell and the grave, taking possession of the keys.

Please, I place great emphasis on the words of the Lord: He stated: “Father into Your Hands “I” commit My Spirit. Who then does our Lord refer to when saying: “I”. Could this be His Spirit, I can’t see by reasoning that it would be, seen that He committed His Spirit into the Hands of the Father at that very moment, the Lord of HOSTS.

Here we have the Lord in three places in the same instance. His Spirit with the Father, His Physical body entombed and His Soul who He is, in Hades. Let me make this easier to understand. The first encounter the Lord Jesus had with people when risen from the Grave, He made this statement: “Do not touch me, for I have not ascended to the Father yet.

This makes me scratch my head a bit. Because on the cross the Lord at

that instance already gave up the Ghost into the Hands of the Father. What am I saying: “YOU ARE A SOUL”.

I love to go to the beginning of things. It is clearly put in Genesis: “God Breathed into the nostrils of the first Adam (dust) and he became a living Soul, not a living spirit. Yes it was the Spirit that gave him life and kept His heart beating, friend, you are not a spirit, you are a Soul that needs be Born of the Holy Spirit in order to inherit eternal life.

I have never in my life heard evangelists say: “Let’s win spirits for the Lord” no “We win Souls”. So in essence you are a Soul, possessing a spirit (dead or alive), living in a human body. There are many people dead on their feet, who are they? Are they then spirits?…no.

They are dead on their feet because they have not been quickened by the Holy Ghost. As lost as a Soul might be. They have God in them. More plainly put, there would not be breath in their lungs, neither will their hearts beat in their chests, save they have a measure of GOD IN THEM.

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