Touching God’s Heart

Touching God’s Heart

As I write this piece, listening to a song of love, strangely not from me to God…no! God surprised me, caught offhand and presented His love for me. And for a moment it came to me. Many including myself have completely missed it pertaining God’s Heart. And I think I can now sum it up in once line aptly: “A true heart”. The Lord impressed on me, He is a very unpredictable and unordinary person. He likes the same in turn.

Come on, we waltz into church every Sunday, ritualistically work through a program singing songs such as “I surrender ALL” and this is aggravating the Lord. You see, you can’t fool God, only yourself. You better best mean what you present to God every day of your life. We expect everything to be precisely in order at church, otherwise, people get offended… Well Good!

God is tired of meaningless empty words, lips of clay with no real breath. He wants you to touch Him. Yes you have in your means to touch the Heart of God. And actually this is all that this article is about…touching the Father’s Heart. You might hold this idea that if you hop or shout the loudest hallelujah you are reaching the Father.

Could it by any means enlighten to you that you in your sincerest efforts might just be a clinging cymbal. We declare our deepest affection when we sing: “Lord, I love you so much”.

I think we best place this under serious review. Stop it! Stop wasting your time and God’s time. GET REAL! Or just please get out. Enough church hopping and your best of efforts to impress the pastors.

Let me cut to the bone whilst I am at it. What on earth are you doing in church? Well I am sure you have a whole list of reasons, you might claim your appraisal of how good the sermon was, etc. Please if you believed 10% of your heartfelt confessions pertaining the GIFT OF CHRIST.

Your actions accordingly will nit you into the body of Christ and become instrumental in the cause of the Kingdom of God. Other than that try fool someone else because this bizarre motion to impress people inside the church is futile and meaningless.

Ok, done with the rebuke. Here is the Father’s Heart for you, He wants not just the best for you, He actually is a person and is LOVE. And in turn He as an entity wants to be loved too! He is the most beautiful person. I wish I could just impart and impress on you His true nature and person. Sincerely cause the Christ presented in many churches is a LIE!!!

If you are serious about your relationship with God, you would leave a church service charged to touch the untouched, love the unloved…yes! This would be suffice and touch the Fathers heart.

Now I want to flip this thing around. Did you actually know God is not moved by everyone that calls him Lord, Lord. Nope! Sorry that won’t cut it. Be true in your conduct and speech, God knows the intent of the Heart and if truth prevail in you, God will actually reach to you and love on you, hold you and kiss you if I may say so.

We are not serving a robot. We love on God because He is actually impressed by Truthful worship. So please my dearest brother or sister. Love on Him, cause He loved you first.


Jaco Basson



The insurmountable complexity of messaging in its totality is of utmost importance. There exists 3 messengers in this time and eon on earth aptly and firstly, God by means of the Holy Spirit. God also uses “angels” which is directly translated as being messengers.

And so we see, messenger One being The Holy Spirit as seen in John 14:25 “These things I have spoken to you while being present with you. 26 But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you”.

Messenger Two is Satan as seen in where the Apostle Paul writes: 2 Corinthians 12:7: “And lest I should be exalted above measure by the abundance of the revelations, a thorn in the flesh was given to me, a messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I be exalted above measure.”

And ultimately messenger Three is people as seen in: Matthew 11:10:  For this is he of whom it is written: ‘Behold, I send My messenger before Your face, Who will prepare Your way before You.

And so the whole and surpassing power of messaging, information being entranced is of great consideration seen that our whole existence is tuned into the receptivity of messages. We get to choose which messages are true and acceptable.

There is allot of false messaging occurring in our lives on a daily basis and we need sound discernment in this regard. When a message is delivered to you via either of the 3 Messengers you can either reject it or embrace it. I tell you the problem with embracing words not originated from God, it can render you powerless even paralyzed spiritually and mentally.

The season of a message is important, a Word out of sync or season will bring destruction with zero means of correct impartation. There is a moment for every word. Does it not say in the Word that we will be judged for every word that proceeds out of our mouths? Well I can pretty much believe it, since this whole thing of Life is the transmitting of messages, both ways.

Jesus tells us about the parable of the sower. Not everyone responds correctly to the message of Christ and so they fall by the way side. The truth can set you free, but you also need to fully comprehend and come to the realization that the Truth contains the ability to bind you or in most cases destroy you completely…I mean dead, 6 feet under.

Put a watch guard before your tongue, cause once you verbalize something it echoes and transposes every idle and unbridled word flowing form you heart. Out the abundance of the Heart the MOUTH overflows. You can cause serious damage to yourself and family by just that little rudder in your mouth, the tongue. Consider each word as a seed sown. A seed in itself when abided alone dies, germinates and grows, having the ability to alter or create great bondage or freedom.

The puppet master, Satan uses many people including Christians to cause harm where a person can become so malicious and full of bitterness that the only thing that flows from such heart is DEATH, seen that Satan has ONLY come to kill, steal and destroy. And it would appear to me that he is extremely good at his job description in the earth from my brief overview of present circumstances on a global scale.

Satan is a dignitary and is extremely well organized. He has rank and file, demons each one with a title and function, he is also an old devil and has brought calamity to many a people. Coming back to the puppet master illustration. He is pulling the strings of people for one reason and that is to inflict harm and confusion in people’s lives.

The only effective fervent force we have in our reach is the POWER of PRAYER and FASTING if needs be. There was a woman with a familiar spirit or soothsayer that irritated The Apostle Paul to the point where he rebuked that thing and it departed from her.

God loves to share messages on Mountains. I don’t know why, but we find mount Moria, where Abraham was supposed to slaughter his only son as a burned offering to God. As we know THE ANGEL of the Lord prevented Him from this and God provided a ram in the thicket of the thorn. We have the mount of transfiguration where Jesus had an epic meeting.

Then the ultimate and final mount or hill, Golgotha where our Lord signalled a message we can never escape from, or even have a shadow of turning and that is the message or words “IT IS FINISHED”. In this age we have The Bible as our life manual, it is complete and flawless. It has thousands if not millions of messages inside of it, you just need to know where to dig.


Jaco Basson


One would most surely imagine that you are a but sheer happenstance from a big bang theory, or even more, that we evolved from some hideous ape creature or some of the sorts. But it is more complex and intricate than that. See folks, you have been looking at this thing called life from a view unlikely to realize your very own existence as a participant of the World and human race. You where formed inside the most unlikely of places, in your mother’s womb (tummy). This can get real crazy as we put this whole thing under the microscope.

Speaking of a microscope. If had to take a snapshot of each person on earth’s skin, place it under the microscope one would amazingly find and discover that not ONE single person has the exact same pigmentation or tone skin as others. You were so beautifully and uniquely placed as a seed inside you mother’s womb. But why? Should be the question in hand. That is most simply because you form part of a bigger picture than you would ever have imagined.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper here. You are the one. One of what? One may ask. One out of thousands of seeds (sperms) carried from the one party the man and deposited in the woman’s womb. Here we find an impartation of destiny about to be conceived. What would be the chance of you, in your most honorable, fashionable state ever imagine this, you are a creature, created and placed, formed and brought into this worldly arena.

You came out of you mother’s womb with ten toes and ten fingers. Gasped your first breath of air and came screaming into the earth. You are still one. Amongst a multitude of a multiracial and all walks for life population you form PART of.

When you were planted as a seed or sperm inside you mother’s womb your purpose driven destiny was inscribed in far more than just your pure DNA but rather a more Spiritual approach.

You were born with Destiny locked up inside of you, yet some go through life never realizing the power of this reality, you are one of a kind. Where did we come from one should ask. I mean, speaking for myself, I was born 20 February 1979. In 20 January 1979 I was not born yet. I think we refer too easily to the word: “Born”. It digs deeper than you can ever conceive or imagine.

It is the enemy, Satan that teaches the human race how pathetic, no self worth and miserable it is being a human, in fact Satan achieves it to such utmost degree that some attempt or succeed in ending their existence on planet earth. WOW! How backward we have seen this thing called Life. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

You are beautiful. There is a price on you head and the price has been met. Jesus the Christ came in the same means as any human, yet he was God to come in flesh. His destiny, one of which was to Finish the job on the cross by giving His Life freely for us to be saved. Look, we live in a fallen world in a fallen state yes! I know, but there is Hope. As long as your heart beats in your chest and have air in your lungs there is surely hope.

Peter, one of Jesus’s disciples tried to rectify Jesus by restraining Him (Jesus) from His Calling aptly laying down His Life for the entire human race. Jesus’s response was the following: “Get ye behind me Satan”. Satan is a liar and thief, he has only come kill steal and destroy, then on top of that he would attempt to get you to the place in your life where you blame and hate God. The honest truth is, Satan is a loser deluxe of the highest rank and order.

At a stage before Adam and Eve, Satan was commonly known as Lucifer, an elect and high ranking Cherub in charge of praise and worshiping God. He swept away a third of God’s angels to the abyss where there was no means of authority, but instead judgment to an lake of eternal fire. Adam and Even handed all earthly dominion and rule over to Satan. Let me assure you, Adam carried allot of clout or rank in the earthly domain.

Jesus came from Heaven, having being with the Father, deposited in Mary’s womb and birthed in the human form or flesh. For one goal, one vision and that my friend it to give His life in ransom for you, so you never have to suffer the second death, that which leads to ever separation from the POWER and PRESENCE of God for ALL ETERNITY.

You are loved!

By Jaco Basson

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