My name is Jaco Basson, breathed my first, and born in Johannesburg South Africa in 1979. Indeed a year of much breakthrough in space and technology across barriers and the birth of many of the most successful ministries in this very hour as it is. Some of my most memorable moments as child was church. Wow! Did I love Sunday school. Even at the age of 5 I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I will pursue the will of God for my life, nothing else would do or be suffice.

At that time we had revival in a tent. What I mean by this is that we had church in a tent, or for better words, known as the tent days. At this time the church was pastured by a beautiful man of God, Nicky van der Weshuizen, whom was taken out by the enemy. But even before this time, the church was handed into the care of a certain Pastor, whom I love, even till this very day. Yes! He was my Hero!

I Remember the very first encounter at age 5 with the presence of God, was when this certain pastor Anointed me with Olive oil and blessed me…

Even at a tender age of 5-6 I had such love for God. Also at this time I had several distinctive encounters with God. I remember, I had a beautiful little dove. I loved my little dove. One day, my dove died. Needless to say. There needed to be a burial. And so it happened, whilst covering my dead dove in a hole, on my knees, pleading, crying out unto God to bring my little dove back to life.

Without hesitation, I opened the concealed grave, and behold, it lived again. I can remember up 3 other occasions where I would perform the same ritual with other birds and they did live. I was playing in our backyard one afternoon with my friend. It was a cloudy day, I pointed to the clouds and said: “Jesus is coming back in the clouds”. Right there I received an open vision. The clouds came down on me and light shone on me, as I danced round and round. I asked my little friend: “can’t you see the clouds”.

After having these encounters as child, this would ultimately shape my tomorrow of if you will future. I Had no interest in school, in fact the sole purpose for attending school was to evangelize. As I entered standard 6 I became ill with hepatitis, and could not attend school for a period of 6 months. I was desperate. One evening a Prophet and True servant of God was preaching at this certain church. I remember it crystal clear, he was preaching on the life of Daniel.

At this Word I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Afterwards whilst we where worshipping God, I remember standing way on the side of the audience, and Evangelist, Marc Bredenkamp walked up to me, whilst my eyes closed, not knowing he was approaching me, Breathed the very BREATH of God into me. This was a true infilling and baptism in the Holy Spirit and Fire. I remember lying on the floor, as my eyes starting forming tears, experiencing the great, great love of God.

At this time I was 14 year of age. For the next 5 years I would spend my life on Christian camp site called: “Rabboni”. Helping with catering, walks, horse rides, etc. The point is would spend the next 5 years up to the age of 19 in community. Then it happened. I had my first encounter with God and most unseemingly way. I was reading a Christian book, and suddenly my big right toe started glowing with a heat I can not describe. I recognized it as God’s presence! And I went all the way with God.

I would spend the next 120 days in my room, saturated in dense manifest presence of the Living God. Yes, I did go about 3 or 4 times to Christian bookshops, but during this time consecrated myself to prayer, fasting an worship.

Due to a series of my own misunderstandings in church, I became bitter as a actual real result of own stupidity. This was the ideal chance for Satan to scrutinize me to utmost. I was so severely vexed and tormented by evil spirits, I would scream out in the night hour, yet no help from God. I had a Finis Dakes Bible that I literally slept with. After 2 or 3 years lied in pieces as I would try to confront these creatures of the night.

Was it not for my God encounter I would have taken myself out of the equation, for sure. I did at this time overdose on tablets etc, not with the intend to commit suicide, no, I just wanted to rid myself from the absolute terror that clinched to me and sucked the very life out of me.

I would ultimately land in a mental institution called Tara. The first 4 weeks I was kept in a semi lock-up ward. I was seriously confused. How could God allow this? As I would lie in these hospital bed, I would repeatedly say: “I love you Holy Spirit, I love You Holy spirit, with the attempt to rid myself from the thought that God allowed this.

During the span of the next 15 years, I would spend a total of 45 plus weeks in mental institutions, 20 plus hospitalizations, 17 Brain shock treatments and four months in nursing homes. The Question is do I still love the Lord, even though I have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia? Yes! Yes! Yes!


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