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I write on this topic simply to illustrate in an easier way or method of understanding a fuse reaction in our acting out or behaviour towards people each day of our lives. For this task set ahead I need you to picture a “bomb” with a fairly long fuse, and then secondly I need you to picture a “bomb” with a short fuse.

A fuse in this scenario is a string,


The story of my life is one where one would reckon, hey! this guy has been through it all, and this is the truth, I have been through much in my life. I was born in 1979 with the soul cankering mental disease aptly Schizophrenia. Has it not been for the support from the Church I would not have made it this far.

The reason why I am typing this article is purely and mainly for the fact that you can relax and realize that you are actually alright.


Don’t we all grow up with a certain sense or notion of expectations in this life? I have been making a personal observation of peoples expressions and behavior lately, and with all honesty, some are very sad people, some are paranoid in this time we find ourselves in and just simply can’t see their way forward in this life.

We start out with great expectations, the way things ought to be,


Ever heard these three words: “Cut it out” or “Just cut it out”. What a wonderful amazing release this would bring into your life. Why would I make such a statement? Quite simply, seen that you allow certain characters in your life, they don’t always play by the BOOK (Bible) and act in a contradictory fashion towards you “When you are not around” see.

Thank God for the discernment of spirits.