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I write on this topic simply to illustrate an easier way or method of understanding a fuse reaction in our acting out or behavior towards people each day of our lives. For this task set ahead I need you to picture a “bomb” with a fairly long fuse, and then secondly I need you to picture a “bomb” with a short fuse.

A fuse in this scenario is a string, once ignited will make its way to the bomb, detonating it and cause an “explosion“. This explosion could either be good or bad. A typical case scenario of a short-fused bad temperament person towards another person would be forever fighting with frivolous debates.

For now let us look closer at the actual fuse itself, come on, you all watched the western movies where some dude lights up a fuse with his cigar and ka-Boom! From the point where the fusion starts till it reaches the bomb is a matter of time or how long and then again how short the fuse is.

Let’s look at this really and I am going to use my own life as an example in this experiment, ok! I am short-fused at times in a bad sense and honestly, it usually does not take long before I explode. This is not by any chance or means the default order or even the way it is meant to be.

Some people just have a natural talent and gifting of bringing your bad self to the forefront, you short fuse and explode, then with others, the fuse takes some time before they go off and blow at you, watch out for these!

A fuse can not ignite without a reaction of some kind of trigger or starter such as the fiery tongue, set alight by Hell itself, such a small rudder holding the capacity to destroy people entirely regardless the other person’s intent as long as he, she or they achieve their own long-term goals and suppress you for as long as possible!

Some people are so easily triggered by the same scenarios time and time again, it just never stops and guess what? One explodes in a bad sense. You feel bad for doing so, the other person is in a state of haras and this type of short-fused lives works for none.

I don’t believe in anger management AT ALL!!! That is stupid, so what you are actually saying is, you just harbor anger and delegate or suppress it? This cant be, you sit with that anger inside of you, and you feel you need to vent and all that you do instead is get even more bitter and sicken yourself.

YOU NEED TO LET GO! And allow God to refuse you with an everlasting love, one that is not short tempered or set alight so easily.

Cause love conquers all and if you love in return you in effect are ripping or plucking that fuse right out quick, quick!

Let love in and make these God-given virtuous realities be the whole part of the day. It is no longer an eye for an eye, neither a tooth for a tooth, but love those that hate and persecute you for great is your reward in Heaven, if we only loved those that loved us, what does that in any a sense make the cause of The Kingdom of any effect, or profit us?

It is for this very reason that we should re-bound love towards people’s evil intent towards you. Don’t be moved by their bitterness, respond with kindness and love.

Love is so easy, it comes so naturally to the human condition. It is this sickened world that teaches our children to hate, slander, abuse or even murder, if not physically then most assuredly with the tongue itself.  If you have a short fuse problem then pray this prayer with me:

Father, we come to you through our Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ by the Holy Spirit and we plead our case before You, asking that You O’Lord forgive us where at times we said or did hurtful things to other people, give us a heart of love for one that is hardened, in Jesus name…amen! 🙂

By Jaco Basson