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It is evidently so that many live their life by a 20/20 focal vision only. I would like to take this time to introduce you to a whole new way of seeing. See folks, we were not originally created or engineered to live by 20/20 vision by its own at all.

To prove myself quite clearly from a Biblical perspective. At the time of Noah in Genesis 6, it has not rained on the earth since Adam. It took Noah approximately 100 years to complete the Ark, having no sight of clouds neither rain. Why did Noah do this?

Quite simply because he found favor in the sight of God and had sight beyond just 20/20 vision. People would scoff and mock him for this period of time, made him out to be crazy.

But it was only Noah and his family that was saved from the great flood. And so, God gave unto us a sign, the rainbow, that should we see it, know that God has promised never to make it flood again.

If we live by natural sight as the sole and only means of living, it will be a very sad and short sighted one by a whole yard too far.

Let me ask you this: “Have you lost sight of your purpose and joy in life?”. It only takes 30 years of the first part of life to realize there is indeed no “white picket fence dreams in this life”. How the ever, let’s take this to part.

Is the sun shining? The answer is “yes!”

Is there a white picket fence? In most cases yes!

Is the little doggie wagging its tail? Jip, I would say!

Is there a smile on you or mommy and daddy’s face? In most cases regrettably “NO!”

There appears to something seriously wrong with this picture you painted as a child. When life hands you its saddest part will you quit?…NO!

When life just seems to never stop handing you pain and shame, should you stop smiling?…NO!

If your child dies, and this is NOT the will of GOD AT ALL, should you be happy…NO!

It was never part of the grand design friend. Your sight of 20/20 vision is skewed by a very sad, broken and fallen world. This was not of God’s doing by any chance at all loved one.

You need to come to the knowing, God’s purpose and intent are for you to have the “White picket fence dream” as a child.

You were never supposed to lose a mom, dad or sibling…NO! This was  NOT part of the plan. The rug was pulled from underneath your feet.

You did not pursue other God’s when all was well. This is a simple logical understanding, that should your perception of the one and only true God be skewed with your 20/20 reasoning, you will do such a thing as looking to your left and right for another reason to your existence.

Do I love Atheists as people for believing so strongly in absolutely nothing really…”Yes”. But why? They are the strongest believers. If only they would shift their focus or vision towards Jesus The Christ, just imagine…

“In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” “John 1:1” NKJ

“Who is the Word?”

The Word is Christ, born of a virgin Mary with a name called Jesus “THE CHRIST” which means “Saviour” and Anointed One.

Became Flesh, lived blamelessly and without a single sin, came with a reason and purpose, that of one, to save you from this broken world. For it is written:

For God so loved the World, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever should believe in Him, should not perish but have everlasting life. “John 3:16” NKJ

The thief, Satan has only come to KILL, STEAL and DESTROY. “John 10:10” NKJ

So friend, with effect, your problem is not with God, it is the very blinking devil himself, this one demon has a name, His name is Satan. In a previous dispensation in a spiritual realm known as Heaven was a chiefest of Cherubs, in fact, he ranked so high, that he was adorned with precious stones. From him was the flute, the stringed instrument and that which brings praise to God the Father.

Satan thought he could be as God and was cast down to the Abyss, alongside he swept a third part of The angels of Heaven with him, they are all known as demons of evil spirits.

If your thinking is that THE FATHER is not true, or broke your little “white picket fence” picture, then let me pose this question, if God is so cruel and causes all this turmoil in life: “Are you judging by 20/20 vision?”

Please, if you ever find it in your heart to believe, there rages a war for you while you are accusing the very ONE who is busy defending you. This makes 100% no sense at all.

Never the less, He was to break you free from your unrealized perception about life. He loved you first. He laid a foundation called earth, to such accurate precision that not even the brightest of minds can ever fathom its placing in an infinite universe by an INFINITE GOD…∞

His love for you is truly true.

If it was not so. Then the Word never needed to save you from eternal separation from the living God. If this is was not so, then Christ’s earth sending was futile and without any reason or means. He came with a mission to save your soul from the grip of Hell and Satan himself.

Look beyond the clouds for rain. With God, all things are possible, even when you least expect it. Don’t give up, don’t quit on God, and embrace Him as before, your lost ones are safe with Him, I would not write this if it was not true.

This life you see from a 20/20 vision will only steer you towards a six shaped coffin, carried by six persons and placed underfoot 6 feet below, the number of the man, 666. Find it no strange thing, when you die, but before you die, do yourself the best of favors you will ever render yourself:


Embrace Christ.

By Jaco Basson