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Find it no strange thing when you get to a place or the valley of decision, and you have these certain thoughts jumbling about in your mind with a big question mark?

Who’s at the door?

1.) Is it, God?

2.) me?

3.) or the very blinking devil?

I know some refuse to accept certain spiritual realities such as the reality of the demonic. But you lay hands on a person and see them fly through the air, manifesting like a serpent, trust me, that will throw your whole theory or philosophy on that reality right out the door.

Then we must ask ourselves: “Is this voice just me?”. Should I move my life, career, and family to another geographic location or vicinity? Deep inside you know, this is wrong, stop pushing it pal, stop forcing that door.

Divine appointment and intervention is where God steps in. You will know it, experience it and to follow through, well, that is entirely up to you.

So, now we have identified three voices, you, God and the devil. This ain’t a trick question, but which of the three is accurate? GOD…ALWAYS! If you are indeed seeking the path that leads to the 3 levels of Divine will of God for your personal and family’s lives, knock at HIS DOOR first. Because I can promise you now, friend, He will always open that door with an answer and HE is always 100% correct!

What is conviction and condemnation?

Ok, well Conviction is the ones you feel so many times, ignore and stop feeling, then kicks into condemnation where it leaves the scene with only you and the devil, ain’t a good combination at all.

Did you know, you can actually grieve God to the extent where He just won’t intervene anymore on your behalf? That state or condition is known as a hardened heart.

How can I recover from a hardened heart?

Ok, I am not going to expand too much on King Saul, but we know this dude was not a very popular king according to my rating. This one man kept on ignoring the Words of the Prophet Samuel. The Prophet Samuel was ordained and set aside in the service of the temple, a Prophet from the womb. Don’t mess with this guy.

Anyhow, at a time when he Anointed Saul as King of Israel, he instructed King Saul to go a High place, where he will find the “sons of the prophets” making a certain sound and he shall receive a new heart.

In question, I think we need to ask ourselves, what sound is our life producing, is it indeed a sound that pleases the Lord? Or is your sound one that keeps on ignoring the Word of God.

You need God. (PERIOD)

It is a hard thing kicking against the goads. I must add, kicking against the goads it not fun at all, they keep on hurting. Jip! Sin has its own way of dealing with a person.

Remember our ancestor’s Cain and Able, well to make a long story short, Only Able’s sacrifice was admired and accepted from the Lord, Cain, however, was a bit “naar” with his brother, evidently ended up killing his own blood.

Well, the point I want to get to is the part where the Lord addresses Cain for killing Able his brother and uses these remarkable words: “When it is NOT WELL, sin lyeth at the door“. This door, however, will keep you running for the rest of your life! You can’t hide, you can’t run, it is at this point where you beg for mercy.

In a nutshell, don’t open the sin door, usually ends up in a mess.

The Correct door will enter you into a state of absolute heavenly bliss… 🙂

Life is a matter of doors. Oh, I can really write allot on doors, ask me, I have done all the stupidest things in opening doors, in fact, I think I can write an “idiots guide” to opening doors. A wow! door would open, and I am sure some would vouch for this, but I have real talent and knack for messing up doors…like in BIGTIME, you have no idea 🙂

But thank God, I have also opened up one the most important of Doors, and that is the Door of my Heart for the Lord Jesus Christ to move freely by His Spirit.

By Jaco Basson