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I want to present you with certain few realities:

Let’s look at this really, What I am about to share with you might seem insane, but you need to realize it.

If I had to tell you, you can actually talk with God, I would rock your boat, right? Because we are at times walking blindfolded in hoping we might reach God by some other way, method or means.

Yes! You can talk with God, we call it Prayer…

Where is this road leading you in your personal journey and call in life? That which is true to me is not necessarily your reality. How then does a person go about living out their God-given calling and destiny? We talk about it, we preach it from the pulpits but hey! What on earth is next?

The Word is a Lamp unto our feet. There were five foolish virgins and five wise virgins. However, the five foolishly did not have enough oil (which speaks of the Anointing, or Word) to reach their destination or destiny.

I would like to highlight the reality that even though they where pure virgins, yet were turned away by the master of the feast, they were too late! So, from this we can extract a twofold reality:

1.) Fresh Anointing, and

2.) Timing

We could be very anointed and miss it! Unless we are guided by the Light of the Lamp, you will be delayed, and God is not going to pause. God is on the move, we need to move with Him at all “times“.

Prayer is talking to God. Do you get what I am trying to say?

The two reasons why you should choose not to talk with God is either:

1.) You don’t really believe at all that you are a Christian, or even that God exists

2.) There is an underlining bitterness towards God or you are angry!

Did you actually know that many Christians are angry Christians, be careful, they are dangerous, don’t mingle or mix with them, they can take you apart. Some even get quite a kick and try praise themselves should they pull us apart, thinking they do God a favor. Where areas they are actually very messed up or even crazy.

We grow accustomed to ritualistically say a few words around the dinner table, yes, we are good Christians indeed, we read our Bible, we might even shout the loudest hallelujah in Church.

But do we really know God?

To know Anybody for that matter would mean that there is some kind of exchange or participation in sharing information. God is not deaf neither blind. Maybe you hold this idea that God sits High on some chair and just soaks up your life. God wants an intimate relationship with you, yes, you can talk with the living God.

Neither are we as the human race some pet project of God. If you hold this thought in mind, rid of it immediately, cause you have been created for His Good Pleasure. I have heard people using these words: “This person is trying to play God“.

Why do we judge? Quite simply because we have a misprint of the Lord’s Nature. Please don’t read this article in dispute, rather hear me out, the Lord loves not just you, but your fellow peers too.

Why are we then so hard on others, I can only think of one thing, and that is because we are at times hard on ourselves too, truly because we “think” this is the way God sees us, or even judges us.

This is wrong.

“God Loves us deeply, and He expects the same in turn, which ultimately means we should as the second greatest commandment…love one another too…”

By Jaco Basson