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Christian Singles

It was said, love comes at first sight. True, but not true. Oh, how we love to refer to a male and female “fall in love”. It does not strike me as peculiar, seen that you more fall in lust than anything else. Yes, a physical attraction is crucial, but love grows.

Let me give you a classic example of myself before I was married. I was so lonely and desperate I would do crazy things of which I am not particularly proud of, for one, going to the cinema and making sure I book a seat right next to a reserved seat, with the sincerest hope, hey! you never know, maybe I might find myself sitting next to the love of my life…

It is proven, most singles are married as a direct introduction by either family or friends, therefore you as the single party must be connection socially. You ain’t gonna magically find you wife in the shopping mall, nope, ain’t gonna work.

Speaking for myself, I used to do these bizarre things, and as I was walking in a mall, I heard clearly from God. His Words was: “Jaco, you are not gonna marry a woman, you will marry the entire family and all.”

Thank God, for my wife, she is precious to me. She is older than me, which suits me well. Trying to convince her brothers that I am actually marrying their sister in 15 days was quite a feat. Jip! Crazy as I am got married on the 8th of Jan, 8 years ago.

We are very compatible and both strong Christians. And if you are indeed single out there, your life mate aint gonna fall out of the sky into your lap for goodness

You guys need to find a wife, I am mean a life. I think in the Word is says, blessed is he who FINDS a wife. You have to put on your best looks, and find a wife man. Your future wife is from another species altogether and trust me, they won’t make the first move men.

God will line them up boys. I don’t necessarily believe that one is destined to marry someone, but then I must add, God joins the man and woman, and what God joins together, let no man separate.

Don’t wait till you are 30 before you put a ring on the finger, cause pall, you are gonna struggle with the flesh, but then again, they that mary will have trouble in the flesh anyhow. What I want to get accross to you is simply this, Stop making long term plans financially to get married guys…ya gonna sin in between guaranteed!

Dont delay, seen that most men are in their highest sexual peak at the age of 18. Get married, and do this thing right. Ok, I see, some of you have this idea in your head that hey, I don’t need to worry about getting married, we will just live together, in sin, seen we know, we are meant for each other, and one day on a long lallaby get maried when we have enough money.

Look, I don’t expect you to get married in 15 days as myself. You, just rid yourself of this thing called long term relation(ships), this is one “ship” that is going to sink brother.

Rarther be morally correct and follow to God given pattern for marriage. You cant bypass the Church friends. Get married not only on paper, but most absolute, the Church.

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