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The transliteration the process of dying is not easy words or one to sooth the natural mind. It tastes bitter, contains no attractive aroma or brings you to a state of willingness unless you die! We know of Saint Peter, a Martyr of Christ the Lord, who did not deviate from the highest call, death to self.


One would think that God is selfish in the exclusion of self, or that the Lord really enjoys our suffering. Slayered thinkers endorse such notions of self pity and remorse even  hardheartedness towards God. YOUR FLESH MUST DIE. Without the full course of this reality, you cannot, will not commune with God on his terms. Unless you are a man of Spirit, You cannot pray, or commune with God……………………It is Impossible!

Your flesh does not know God, rebels and wages war against the Spirit, would you allow this feeble carnalities to distract you from obtaining koinonia with God! Why do you feel uncomfortable? This message should set you on the course of death of one self. I don’t want to only reflect on dying, but much rather Living.

Why would the Lord require death to this World so beautiful. The Kingdom of God is not fully manifested on the earth. The King said to Pilate: “My Kingdom is not of this world, if it was so then they would have defended me” wow! I can just imagine what must have been happening in the spiritual atmosphere as Jesus stated these profound Words. I can see Micheal, legends in the Spirit, Noble fierce creatures, standing with drawn swords.

THIS IS THE KINGDOM. Our pretty planet is fade to grey, the color of the World is not nearly is closely, or even more, comparable with The Kingdom of God. The Kingdom be found in you!

Where is it in you? this is a mystery, Christ in you! the hope of Glory.

Bared in earthen vessels, a sure hope, becoming more progressively aquanted with Him. Trials and tribulations turn to Gold refined in fire. The purging that leads to fruit, the great mystery that is found by radicals who with sincere determination set before them this one goal, not to obtain unto self, but in the same manner as Christ the Lord, give our very lives for others.

The heart of the Martyr of Christ, is one that is truly devote to the cause having seen ahead, tasted, having being with God, partaking in his divine Nature. Take this to heart, sacrifice all. Why are you here on planet earth? Who invited you? Who gave you permission even be here? Who found you? You are a guest! Passing by in this momentarily line of time. Generations has ceased in their time, their photos are grey and withered, their books untold, their lives written in no book, who remembers them. Will you not then in all gratitude fall on your knees and thank the living God for your life?

You, a skeleton, wrapped in flesh! You human! You Creature! WHY hold the pomp and spec of life at your achievements, yet have not died. How is this then true of you, will you be remembered. I am sincerely happy for you that you are a family man, I like family people, they are cute, and all that points them out is a family tree if ever noticeable at all.

Forcefully, courageously, determinedly, persevere in taking the Kingdom of God! A sense not quite explainable, that one would purpose to come the the ultimatum of death! Why would one want this? Bringing oneself in into the complete picture of where we have been, where are, and where we are going is key. The man that lives for the moment is blinded by that which appeals to the desire of obtaining unto oneself.

Where will you go? Are you the master of your own future? Will you determine your eternal destiny? Why would you not want to die? fearfully, looking into the divine plan of God, the reality of Hell, should you not see this and tremble? Why look to find a reason to live at all….die!

You might not find my words sweet, but when digested will render a far greater means of benefit to Body, Soul and Spirit. These words will kill you, it is poison, your natural man hates it, cant stand it, how can this be the will of God? That I die? How will I die? Will you not work out your salvation with fear and trembling, are you to be found wanting?

Some of my words are a hammer and nails, and will nail you to a cross.

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