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I find it absolutely amazing that there are so many people using words they just font comprehend or understand the meaning of it. The most famous one the “plead” word. I am writing this letter, with the utmost respect and fear, knowing that it touches the most Sacred of topics aptly the Blood of Jesus the Christ.

Folks, please allow me to be your informant, the word plea is quite a common term in the judicial office. Should a party be found to appear in court, they are faced with two answers:

1.) I plead guilty

2.) I do not plead guilty

And there are two parties present aptly:

1.) Being the defendant, the other

2.) Being the one pressing charges (or accusation)

At this point in time, you are not in err unless proven guilty of any a kind of crime, fault and or sin for all illustration purposes.

Each country presents its own court and legal system. This legal system is mandated, the most absolute governing measure stick for the soundness of a person, group and ultimately for a nation.

We should pay close attention to the Spiritual side of things firstly. The rest will just be made evident in the norm. At the point of accepting the way of the “guilt”, you will institutionally be escorted to a 4 x 4 m cell.

The outcomes of the jury or any claims court are most absolute. The final verdict is at the very moment when the charge or accusation is proven as a matter of facts.

Now, the fact might be, your a sinner..see!

If you say I am without sin, you are making God out to be a liar, for your own good, don’t tempt the Lord in this area, simply cause I can assure you, you shall serve every single moment as such as the charge raised against you. Settle matters quickly with your adversaries (people), cause truly, you will serve your time.

Let reroute to the beginning and the more in-depth look at the word: “Plead”. There are two judging scenarios, either you judge yourself, or God will see to it. Thankfully and gracefully we have the Blood of Jesus the Christ.

When our adversary starts fume at us, breathing up our necks with condemnation and guilt, one might fall into the snare of the fowler. The fowler sets its trap, it is just a matter of fear and you are in it.

Humbly and with the fear of the Lord, I have to say this to you. You have been praying wrong, quite simply seen because the word “Plead” is the very first word you have to deal with when you are being accused by Satan.

How you respond to this accusation is key. Boldly according to the Apostle Paul, we may enter into the throne room of God. When we have our accuser on our left, and Jesus on our right. We MUST PLEAD THE BLOOD!

I have listened to so many people pray, they are utterly confused whom to pray to, do I pray to Jesus? Or do I jump around between the Holy Trinity? We pray to the Father, through Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit.

The totality of the BLOOD OF JESUS speaks beyond any a kind of sin or transgression in your life, hate which in turn serves to murder, for which it’s penalty its death.

You can not say, oh I don’t love so and so, but hey! I love the Lord. If you can’t love your fellow earthlings with respect, you just won’t even get to the point where you can approach the Living God.

When we PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS, in turn, are making a radical statement. My people perish due to a lack of knowledge. Here is the KEY everyone has been searching for when pleading the Blood over themselves. That is not correct, however not wrong, God knows what you mean by it.

But if you enforce the POWER OF THE BLOOD and PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS, you, in turn, are actually saying: “Listen here you devil, I plead the Blood. I am will not plead guilty or be apologizing.

This is the point, pleading the BLOOD, overwrites all err and sin in your life, and God the Father, THE JUDGE, will set you free.

Please never take the topic of the BLOOD lightheartedly. He is our only hope, the mediator between you and God the Father, leaving Satan without any a kind of foothold in your life.

Next time you find yourself in front of God, it might be too late for you. That is what we call Judgment day.

Be quick to repent. Premeditated sin, is serious, deadly, and usually, the ultimatum is death.

Thank you, Father, for Jesus Christ, through Whom, we have access to the throne room, and there we may lay our PLEA, and inside should read…”I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB” PERIOD.