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Listen Closely

Why would I write this kind of article, its very title might carry a sense or notion of arrogance in itself. Well, I am not even trying, I am giving basic instruction which is a common denominating reality that you as the human can not escape from seen that you already carry such knowledge, you are bound by this truth, it can either bind or loose you.

Step up to the table, come a bit closer…yes! Your proximity is of such nature that it would seemingly be impossible to even hear a bit. Come sit here at the table of the Lord, come all you children of the World , come and dine with me.

For far too long you have but just been too distanced, I want to whisper a secret into your ear, but if you stand afar there is no means in any scenario where you will hear my secret I am about to unveil to thee. So now, how will you clearly grasp, or gain understanding and wisdom in the fear of the Lord if you dance afar?

Be still just but a little while, I speak now! Come sit closer Mary, yes Mary: “You chose the better part”. Oh, where is Lazarus, he is dead Lord. OK, lets wait 2 days, then we shall go and weep at the unbelief. I am the Risen Son and there shall come a day, in the last day when all shall rise. For I set alight everyone coming into the earth. But now I will unfold a new chapter previously concealed and hidden, yes hidden as precious manna from Heaven.

Will you Listen and obey? Will you come closer? Yes come closer, you can’t hear me quite all that well. In the day of my Power, the hearts of many will be willing, but yet I ask: “Will you draw close to me…….NOW!” I tell you the truth, you will be passed by without any a kind of instruction from me.

Your heart might be sound, but the question to my children is, will you draw a little closer and obey basic instruction. I am sovereign and I am Faithful to carry my Word. You, as a jar, sealed to the brim with a lid, yes, shall I deposit my Doxa in you?

Will you come to the Light that your works might be revealed, for look this is how judgement works, those in darkness depart from the light lest their evil deeds be exposed, but they that love me and obey my commandments will not hesitate to come to the light, rather they revel and dance in the light for all is made sound and clear, there is nothing to hide.

You, my children are the Light of the World, I commission you today 10th of March 2017….Go! now! Fear not, for I am with you, even till the very end of days.

This says the LORD

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