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Listen Closely

Why would I write this kind of article, its very title might carry a sense or notion of arrogance in itself. Well, I am not even trying, I am giving basic instruction which is a common denominating reality that you as the human can not escape from seen that you already carry such knowledge, you are bound by this truth, it can either bind or loose you.

Step up to the table,

Glow in the Dark

We are called as light set on a hill. Shining in the light? No…we are set high giving light to those in darkness. Take a pitch black room, light up a candle and see the light pierce the darkness.

You are a Glow with the love and power of God Himself. Before hence time you where in darkness now you are set alight to bring hope to a broken lost and darkened world.

Living with Yourself

There is a dual-fold phase application to this article, please read to the end. First let’s look at why the most common problem people face in this heartbroken world is: “Living with themselves”. In a sense one can draw the line and come to the ultimatum that many people have become their own worst enemy. This reasoning may be incurred by your own choices or else, other’s deeds towards you that left you shattered and in pieces.

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I  wonder how, I wonder why, I wonder each and every time. I think so pure, from nature’s heart, placed there by God’s own very heart. Maybe, we are mistaken and have such thoughts, surrounding this, so please try find, another why, this could not be God’s own heart to find.

Cosmos, every single colour precious sight, each carefully planted from God’s great might.


At times we see,


As I write this piece, listening to a song of love, strangely not from me to God…no! God surprised me, caught offhand and presented His love for me. And for a moment it came to me. Many including myself have completely missed it pertaining God’s Heart. And I think I can now sum it up in once line aptly: “A true heart”. The Lord impressed on me, He is a very unpredictable and unordinary person.

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