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This article and its content may not apply to everyone, but just maybe you will learn something from it, so here we go: Memories, what we create in life are memories, and they are shaped and formed by various ways and reasons, maybe your 5th birthday party, your first thought of looking into the open and vast heavens above, wondering what life may hold for you. These are the innocent…

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The way I read this is that if you are 17 years of age and under, you ain’t old enough to kill yourself with cigarettes, or become a drunk, book into rehabs and forever try to make sense of life whilst your life is busy dissipating. The most important three years of any adolescent is from the age of 19 to 21. These very few three but critical years will…

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God looked at the earth, observed and seen something beautiful. He looked at what appeared to be a rugged earth and saw a gem. The great task was set out of one that was to be the most beautiful painting of all. The empty canvas was set out for the painter’s touch. Who knows, he could have painted many things for many reasons, but He chose you, he chose you…

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One would most surely imagine that you are a but sheer happenstance from a big bang theory, or even more, that we evolved from some hideous ape creature or some of the sorts. But it is more complex and intricate than that. See folks, you have been looking at this thing called life from a view unlikely to realize your very own existence as a participant of the World and…

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What a controversial statement in itself…right? What am I trying to paraphrase here? Something I hold very dear amongst my discoveries in my Christian pilgrimage. That simply, breaking it down in one sentence. You aren’t getting anything from the Lord unless you get IT. Still unsure what I mean by it right? Well, friend, I am sure I can unravel the Word and prove from many quotations that what I…

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