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One would most surely imagine that you are a but sheer happenstance from a big bang theory, or even more, that we evolved from some hideous ape creature or some of the sorts. But it is more complex and intricate than that. See folks, you have been looking at this thing called life from a view unlikely to realize your very own existence as a participant of the World and human race. You where formed inside the most unlikely of places,


Jesus-CricifixGod looked at the earth, observed and seen something beautiful. He looked at what appeared to be a rugged earth and saw a gem. The great task was set out of one that was to be the most beautiful painting of all. The empty canvas was set out for the painters touch. Who knows, he could have painted many things for many reasons, but He chose you, he chose you and then started painting.


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The Prophet is an elect office ordained for a certain type of person. One would find that people of this kind are born with the calling of the prophet, seldom a person become a prophet later in life.

I remember, I was 5 when I gave my first prophecy, I was standing in the back yard with my little friend, I pointed to the clouds and I said: “Jesus is coming back in the clouds” Right there I had an open Vision,


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Ever read the little card on your birthday or Christmas gift, it is addressed to you with love from someone. Essentially you are given the gift because the giver treasure you in their lives and a gift you give exemplifies your love or intent for a person. When we give we give from our hearts, we do not hold back, we reveal our love for the ones we love. In other words a heart felt aspiration to show the evidence of your love.


Many people around the globe, more specifically in the charismatic circles, children of God desire and have a hunger to move in the realm of the Supernatural, to have relationship with God. This is Good! We should desire Spiritual Gifts. This might be obtained by impartation and activation through Word, Prophecy and the laying on of the hands.

God inhabits the praises of His people. Ultimately according John 14…


If the enemy can achieve one thing, then it is this: “Taking your focus of the Lord Jesus”. I heard of the following saying: “Where the attention goes, the power flows. Take your focus off the Lord Jesus and you will receive exactly that which you pen your focus on.


It is of utter importance we maintain focus, I am one to believe to a degree in spiritual warfare,

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