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Ever read the little card on your birthday or Christmas gift, it is addressed to you with love from someone. Essentially you are given the gift because the giver treasure you in their lives and a gift you give exemplifies your love or intent for a person. When we give we give from our hearts, we do not hold back, we reveal our love for the ones we love. In other words a heart felt aspiration to show the evidence of your love.

Many a times during Christmas we are so excited, not about the fact that we will receive physical goods,


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Many people around the globe, more specifically in the charismatic circles, children of God desire and have a hunger to move in the realm of the Supernatural, to have relationship with God. This is Good! We should desire Spiritual Gifts. This might be obtained by impartation and activation through Word, Prophecy and the laying on of the hands.

God inhabits the praises of His people. Ultimately according John 14… it states a twofold presence of the Holy Spirit that applies in our lives, the Spirit within and the Spirit upon. We need both!!!


The Spirit within is an inward progressive transformation by Whom He gives you the ability to commune with Him and ultimately be transformed into His Likeness.


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If the enemy can achieve one thing, then it is this: “Taking your focus of the Lord Jesus”. I heard of the following saying: “Where the attention goes, the power flows. Take your focus off the Lord Jesus and you will receive exactly that which you pen your focus on.


It is of utter importance we maintain focus, I am one to believe to a degree in spiritual warfare, however if you spend 12 hours a day rebuking the devil then I have help you. It is good that we have authority over the devil.


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What a controversial statement in itself…right? What am I trying to paraphrase here? Something I hold very dear amongst my discoveries in my Christian pilgrimage. That simply, breaking it down in one sentence. You aren’t  getting anything  from the Lord unless you get IT.


Still unsure what I mean by it right? Well friend, I am sure I can unravel the Word and prove from many quotations that what I am saying is the absolute honest truth.

Jesus could in various vicinities perform little or no miracles, simply because people just could not comprehend who this man (capital “M”) is that was standing in front of them…they did not believe or perceive.


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The transliteration of these mere three words, shouts an anthem of the ultimate surrender to the Lord Jesus, The Christ in who’s footsteps we ought to follow. I am not suggesting you become cursed, for is it not written: “Cursed is He that hangs on a Tree (Cross)”.


I must make reference to a dialog between Jesus and Nicodemus, a well versed and formidable teacher of Israel at the time. In a few verses, Jesus unwraps and unveils His entire Heavenly Plan, becoming flesh, then sin on a cross, giving Him access to Hell,


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One would most assuredly expect the absolute opposite to the title of this article. Love is the most powerful expression or if you will force known to the ALL. The Word declares: “Love conquers all”.  Having this force in hand, leaves us with quite a remarkable responsibility.


I gave this article much thought and came to the ultimatum, the only thing that has the possible ability to break your heart is love. A broken heart, sharing the issues of the heart with another, and having them walk it into the ground, breaks a heart.

Be extremely cautious who you SHARE YOUR HEART with,