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We as fellow peers, and even more so this world as we know it to be can not let by, skip or deny the very core of this certain dilemma we face, and that is that we reside in a fallen, corrupt, unfair, broken world and its yield is nothing less than pain, sorrow, and even death.

We can then come to the ultimatum that this world is in need of help, or for better words a savior. I have watched how kids love to play with their superhero toys, to save the day.

But I come with something more pertinent and of much more weightiness, the very savior of the entire cosmos of the world as we know it to be in this very hour.

The World is in dire need of a Saviour, an entity higher than ourselves, which serves to the common good of all mankind and judges out of love and equality for all mankind. I would like you to know, we have need of a Saviour, He has a name, His name is Jesus the very Christ.

If we cant trust God in the minutest of needs, how then can it be that we trust Him to be our Saviour? The very fact that you are able to read this article indicates to me that you are indeed in rather good shape and the Lord has been caring for you and your needs.

The only need we need is a Saviour, and it was for this very reason that the Word came adorned in flesh to rid us from a perilous world that is dark.

He came as the Light into the very brim and fallen world to pay the final penalty for all mankind, expecting us to carry this very Light to corners of the earth.

We are then saved. We are light-bearers, and we know this one thing to be sure and true, we have been redeemed, saved, washed in the Blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ.

Don’t get me wrong, I am pro for financial blessings and all that goes along with that friend, I am pro for health and the sort, but Jesus did not solely come to fulfill these minutest of needs, HE CAME TO DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL.

He came with a resolute and clear message, a Good One, that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, a message which speaks of salvation, freedom, and liberty to all of mankind. We should not be partisan and or confused about the vision and mission of our Saviour.

His Mission was to complete the final victory on the cross, his Vision, for you to accept Him as your personal Lord and Saviour, it does not get simpler than this.

We then as the entire human race have been given a chance to rebel against darkness and embrace the Light, Jesus Christ. I am not too concerned about your financial statements friend, I need to have a clear indication that your soul is saved.

In closing, people, we are lost without a Saviour, The Saviour has already come 2000 + years ago, the savior has departed to be with His Father, the Father has sent us His Spirit and one day, we will be united as ONE.

Keep the Faith.