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This article is not addressed towards those precious souls that have not come to the knowledge of salvation, but I am coursing this message directly to those who either are saved, healed and delivered, from such a great a salvation, even the gift of Christ given liberally without excuse.

So you want to be a Christian, ok, very good I would say, know this much, you are moving your Spiritual logistical position from the realm of having belonged to another commonly known entity namely, Satan to another Spiritual reality, belonging to a new way of Life through Jesus Christ.

I had a dream last night, and got it’s meaning and revelation came to me in the morning. What I witnessed and saw quite disturbing and unrequitedly the truth. I was at the cross, around me I saw few things. Firstly I could see people holding a Bible clinched to their body, and a group of what seemed to be terrifying was about 20 lions lying under a tree.

These lions were not watching and guarding, they were demons, just waiting for the very moment to strike. The saddest part was all the sexual immorality going on in midst of the Cross, it was sickening to the bone.

Come on, let’s be real for just this moment. You sin, you die, you sow to the Spirit and Gain Life and that more in abundance. This is a basic knowing and you are already very much aware of its reality. Hey! yes, I too sinned plenty times in this arena.

So it is, that plenty Christians, today, in churches that you would reckon, Wow! they are so holy. Yet there remains a stained mark on their souls, these are the ones, practicing sexual sins daily, with a bit of “sin on the side”.

I fear for your lives, because this is the number 1 killer of our time. Wanna see all your congregation run?? Ok, you just start confronting, topics such as:

1.) Masturbation, either male or female

2.) Homosexuality

3.) Sex before marriage

4.) Pornography via means of pictures as the Internet and Magazines

5.) Living in sin, with a partner, yet has not been ordained by Christ and the Church.

Preach on these topics continually and this is the fastest means to make about 90% of your church disappear like something else, let me tell you, Pastor’s, Evangelists, Prophets, Teachers, Apostles and so forth, We are losing dear and loving warriors on the battle front. Satan has taken note of this issue amongst the Anointed and Satan is angry, prowling about seeking whom He may devour.

Once you have opened your life in the area of sexual (inter)course(net)of that rightfully reserved serves as covenant between man and the woman, it will instantly kick in, or awake inside the condition of sin, and it’s diagnosis has it’s own unique symptoms, and will always result in DEATH. THE only cure or remedy of this is kind is THE BLOOD OF JESUS, because the LIFE is in the BLOOD.

Sexual immorality, by its core, is leading millions of Christians to HELL. That which seemingly appeared to be an information media tool, aptly the Internet, has captivated even some of the brightest minds of our time into a spin off the endless need for more.

More of money, sex, and status. The influx and delivery of media, more specifically Pornography which might either present itself via images or video clips which is a jampacked collection of images projected through the eyes, picked up by the mind and given to the soul. Effectively results in the immediate produce of desire or lust, which will render most men firstly and then woman into a state or frenzy for SEX. Once you gained its intent, which is the knowledge of Good and Evil, will set you aside to its result…..DEATH Eternally.

The ideal media tool and instrument of Satan in the modern age is via the internet (data). This information technology tool has broken, singlehandedly more homes, ruined more lives and ripped apart more men and woman all over the WORLD like you can’t imagine. It only takes the blink of the eye, to get data fro the AMAZON to be delivered right to you, into your room, wherever that might be?

Data, consisting of 1’s and 0’s. Its makeup is a collection of these 2 notable character set. It takes 8 of these 1’s and 0’s to make up a byte, a 1024 bytes to make up a Megabyte, a 1024 megabytes to make up a Gigabyte (1024 Megabytes). A 1024 Gigabytes to make up a Terabyte.

It’s lust and ravish result has got Satan more excited than ever. He is on the prowl with the Internet and will shamelessly destroy, MEN, WOMAN and CHILDREN. His master written blueprint, design and plan was to obliterate the Children of God by just a! of a Mouse.

Yes! That how easy it has become. The pretext or URL for transmitting images via data is called a certain language. This language is called HTTP. Hyper Text, Transfer, Protocol. It’s protocol is a collection of instructions controlled by a script, written and coded in several different languages (Babylon). These Languages is usually connected or plugged into a “Database”.

A Database is a collection tables, containing in a term known as “strings”, a string is a collection of “Characters”. A character is a collection of 8 (1’s) and 0’s. So who is to decide the rule count? The first 5 count of 1’s OR will it be the first count of 0’s? Either way, it will become unstable and Crash!

The protocol of Sin and Satan is clearly depicted into the Masterplan of Satan by means of the greatest delivery stream, your friendly daily internet source of Sin, for everyone. Join, it’s FREE and Kills quickly, so that after 7 days, you are so entrenched by her beauty, that you pay the club fee and DIE forever more…

God knew. God knew this would happen. That is because He is omniscient. He is omniscient because He is GOD, God is all-knowing, and our ever present ALLPOWERFULL refuge. Viruses, Spam, Spyware is splattered across known as your PC. Your PC is your personal computer and just seemed to be too slow for Satan, so he invented the Cell Phone, this Cell phone, is the size of a pocket. A pocket-sized global receiving unit of porn streaming into lives is just what makes SATAN SMILE…

Ever how, God could not live to see your burn in Hell. So He sent his Word with a Message “attached to it” HIS SON as a Living sacrifice for all, crashed Satan and all of his plans, and gave us eternal LIFE…

Who? Would want to offend or sin against such a loving, protective Father? Again, and Again. Fully aware and knowing that you have been saved by Grace and that not of yourself, having partaken in the HEAVENLY GIFT, THE HOLY SPIRIT. Put Christ to shame, and crucify HIM. Each time you sin, or even as much as (con)sider it. See, but don’t worry because of Grace and Mercy see!!!

Don’t be fooled by today’s fresh, effervescent available grace for you. Your cup will run over and you will die. (period)

If you, after reading this collection of DATA on this page, and still interested in a byte of SEXUAL IMMORALITY, then maybe you’ll be happy to be served a “dish” or byte of cheap Grace, coupon coded lie, effervescent, super served, MEGASIZED mercy on each side? Then you my friend need to get on your knees and pray pall. Cause today, might your last masterbyte…

The moment you partake in sexual immorality opens you to a new plague aptly: “FEAR”. One can write a whole book on Faith v.s Fear. Faith in Christ will always have a produce of LIFE. Fear will always have a produce of DEATH. It is actually quite easy. You fear, you die. You have Faith in Jesus and live. You are the one to pic, hopefully, I trust that you would choose FAITH in CHRIST.

Why specifically FAITH in JESUS THE CHRIST? Because ONLY Jesus Christ drunk the entirety of God’s ultimate penalty, DEATH. Our Lord did not partially die for us. See, He drunk all of God’s wrath. Not even a single mark or stain, because a single sin would spoil the entire garment.

No place for a single bit of compromise was provided for in the WORD OF GOD. However, the WORD became FLESH, lived amongst us, and PAID a COMPLETE PRICE, not having a single sin, but seen that he was without sin, became SIN, paid it’s entire penalty and died. Therefore, you no longer have to fear death, ever again, why?

Because Satan and his cohorts feed on fear, fear is what Satan has on his menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and it is only death that quenches his appetite, and the one and the only thing that brings a smile to his face is the very thought of you squealing in HELL for all ETERNITY.

When a believer of Christ, FALLS into sin, and dies in it, will become Satan’s benefactor and share in it’s own reward, aptly “DEATH”, the second death, which leads to ETERNAL HELL, in it’s entirety.

This is no game, and it has no end. If it was a game, then will read “Game Over”, but having been what I as Jaco Basson have been through. I can most certainly assure you, it is not funny, and ain’t no joke either.

I have not only been through it, I cumulatively have come to the  ULTIMATE CONCLUSION, Don’t play Satan’s game, it never stops, never ends. Be true to God and have FAITH in Christ, because if your name is recorded in the LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE, it also in like manner, HAS NO END, and will NEVER read, “GAME OVER”, read the end of the BOOK (HOLY BIBLE).

For your attention, please read: “ACTS 3:17-26”

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