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One would most surely imagine that you are a but sheer happenstance from a big bang theory, or even more, that we evolved from some hideous ape creature or some of the sorts. But it is more complex and intricate than that. See folks, you have been looking at this thing called life from a view unlikely to realize your very own existence as a participant of the World and the human race.

You were formed inside the most unlikely of places, in your mother’s womb (tummy). This can get real crazy as we put this whole thing under the microscope.

Speaking of a microscope. If had to take a snapshot of each person on earth’s skin, place it under the microscope one would amazingly find and discover that not ONE single person has the exact same pigmentation or tone skin as others. You were so beautifully and uniquely placed as a seed inside your mother’s womb. But why? Should be the question in hand. That is most simply because you form part of a bigger picture than you would ever have imagined.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper here. You are the one. One of what? One may ask. One out of thousands of seeds (sperms) carried from the one party the man and deposited in the woman’s womb.

Here we find an impartation of destiny about to be conceived. What would be the chance of you, in your most honorable, fashionable state ever imagine this, you are a creature, created and placed, formed and brought into this worldly arena.

You came out of your mother’s womb with ten toes and ten fingers. Gasped your first breath of air and came screaming into the earth. You are still one. Amongst a multitude of a multiracial and all walks for life population, you form PART of.

When you were planted as a seed or sperm inside your mother’s womb your purpose-driven destiny was inscribed in far more than just your pure DNA but rather a more Spiritual approach.

You were born with Destiny locked up inside of you, yet some go through life never realizing the power of this reality, you are one of a kind. Where did we come from one should ask? I mean, speaking for myself, I was born 20 February 1979. On 20 January 1979, I was not born yet. I think we refer too easily to the word: “Born”. It digs deeper than you can ever conceive or imagine.

Humanly as speaking for myself. I am more than sure the first thing my dad did when I was born was to check If all the parts were in place, ten toes, ten fingers, and a loud cry. It is the enemy, Satan that teaches the human race how pathetic, no self-worth and miserable it is being a human, in fact, Satan achieves it to such utmost degree that some attempt or succeed in ending their existence on planet earth. WOW! How backward we have seen this thing called Life. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

You are beautiful. There is a price on your head and the price has been met. Jesus the Christ came in the same means as any human, yet he was God to come in flesh.

His destiny, one of which was to finish the job on the cross by giving His Life freely for us to be saved. Look, we live in a fallen world in a fallen state, yes! I know, but there is Hope. As long as your heart beats in your chest and have air in your lungs there is surely hope.

Peter, one of Jesus’s disciples tried to rectify Jesus by restraining Him (Jesus) from His Calling aptly laying down His Life for the entire human race. Jesus’s response was the following: “Get ye behind me Satan”. Satan is a liar and thief, he has only come to kill steal and destroy, then on top of that, he would attempt to get you to the place in your life where you blame and hate God.

At a stage before Adam and Eve, Satan was commonly known as Lucifer, an elect and high ranking Cherub in charge of praise and worshiping God. He swept away a third of God’s angels to the abyss where there was no means of authority, but instead judgment to a lake of eternal fire. Adam and Even handed all earthly dominion and rule over to Satan. Let me assure you, Adam carried allot of clout or rank in the earthly domain.

Jesus came from Heaven, having been with the Father, deposited in Mary’s womb and birthed in the human form or flesh. For one goal, one vision and that my friend it to give His life in ransom for you, so you never have to suffer the second death, that which leads to ever separation from the POWER and PRESENCE of God for ALL ETERNITY.

You are loved!