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The Mouthpiece of Satan

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Ever watched these crazy UFO or alien movies, sad indeed, did you know that there are actually idiots out there, mostly in the US that truly believes aliens are for real. Well let me scare you even more, they are not far off…

See, if Satan, a fallen creature has the means and ability to transform and present him as an angel of light and as part of Satan’s trickery, he does not use any other real means of deceiving people into all kinds of doctrinal error, other than via people, looking just like you and me. You need sharp discernment here, is this God speaking, the person speaking, or the very blinking devil speaking.

I have the God Given gift to sniff them out quite easily, even their countenance shown, is notably seen clearly on their faces, not quite normal if you ask me. I am almost certain these jehova witnesses have my physical address written down somewhere, with a short note that reads, don’t knock at the door of this house. The rest you can imaginably leave over to yourself on how I obliterated their cult in that neighborhood. They come in slow, but each time they run. I open with the Gospel of John Chapter 1 verse 1, they don’t like this one.

This is as much attention I am willing to give jehova witnesses, they are stupid, but yet another man created set of belief sets not contained in the true original Hebrew of Greek text. Let me give a true classical example of an alien in the Word.

Peter, one of Jesus’s disciple’s, get’s this demonic and very Satanic impartation to rid Jesus on drinking that bitter cup of death for us all. Peter was very sincere, but sincerely a mouthpiece of Satan in that moment. Jesus’s response was one stating: “Get ye behind me Satan”. So ja, there you have it.

Many Hosts can easily be swayed around by even a little hint of false doctrine blowing round about. I am extremely protective and will die fighting preserving the true church and the Gospel as it was given to us. Let me throw this one at you. Ok, so here Peter, numer o uno, switches completely from being Jesus’s main disciple dude to a transient of a  demonic message to Jesus and become the very mouthpiece of Satan.

If there is one thing that makes my blood boil, then it is gossiping, or slander, same in it’s act and meaning, even diabolos: “speaking demons”, go check it for yourself, sad I know. Go and stroll through the nearest mall, by the time you leave, I can assure you, you have been walking amongst them, even as much as talk to them, totally demonically driven aliens. (people). They are all over the show.

When doctrine is violated, it tends to steer towards a common belief that has been induced and imparted either via another person. (mouthpiece of Satan) or on their own, going on a rampage to find the God other than the ONE in the Holy Spirit Inspired WORD OF GOD.

Thinking of these honestly and sincerely deceived souls, producing in effect disciples of Satan. Yeah! So you’re a hardcore witch ruling with the iron fist. That does not even deem any attention, seen that such are totally alienated and possessed by devils, thinking for them, speaking for them, even as far as doing things for them. Let’s take another classic example of this at play in the Word. Jesus prayed: “Father, I pray for those that you have given me (Disciples) yet one (Judas Iscariot) is a devil.

Prior to Juda Iscariot’s act of betraying Jesus by means of a kiss, he was 100% possessed by Satan himself, he was more than just beside himself, he was totaly under the sptell of Satan in every dimention or facet you can imagine.

I have had enough of these clowns running around with their little thing going and manifesting God knows what? Put a title of Pastor or Prophet behind them and in essence take many, many down with them to Hell itself, believe it or not. Presenting a Christ that is a lie. Most of these are activated by greed and Mammon. Thank God for His remnant, I listen to one man, and one man alone in terms of Doctrine and real life Kingdom dynamics, Pastor, Evangelist and Prophet, Marc Bredencamp. I was powerfully saved and Baptized by the Holy Spirit in one of Marc’s meetings at the age of 14.

You would think everything henceforth would be hunky-dory. The past 24 years of my life has in most cases been hell friend, A price “I” was willing and determined to pay. See, you get to set your own price, for such a great a Salvation, knowing that your name is written in the Lambs Book of Life, that you have been redeemed from the CURSE of the Law, and are now of Abrahams seed, children of promise. That you are eternally destined to be part of a very real habitation called Heaven, one of which there is absolute no end. I think I would say: “is worth it all the way, Praise God!”

Hell is a bad place folk’s, trust me, this suppression or depression even obsession is not even a drop in the bucket in comparison to eternal abode in Hell. This is Serious! Most people are angry at God, the Pastor, the Pastor’s wife, his co-pastors, everyone in the church, including himself.

Get your act together, we do not gather on Sunday each week to play churchie, churchie, or to your own comfort in consscience that you have done your duty and attended church. ooooooooooooooo! You have something coming boet! It’s gonna hit hard, and you pall might be excluded, you can figure out the rest by YOURSELF.

Attending church does not make you in any more a kind of Christian, than a person working at McDonald’s, make him a cheeseburger. Preaching to crowds can’t save either, driving out demons in the name of Jesus or even go to the extreme, prophesy in HIS NAME make you a prophet or even saved, sad to say. In that day when the Lord returns it is recorded, they shall say: “Lord, Lord have we not healed the sick, cast out demons etc. in your name”, and Jesus’s response will be one: “Go away from me your Workers inequity, for I do not know you”. Scary thought, makes one want to d a bit of introspection…


I will most certainly continue this article… I need to relax…lol

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