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The love most experience is in a superficial way and level. Once you have encountered the true love of God you will never be the same. The Word states: “Love Conquers all”. You might have figured this whole love saga out beforehand. We all start out with these certain romantic notions in how the perfect love relationship should be between male and female.

I have seen it in and out. The love we share with our spouse is the love found in a real way, yet falls short of the true and authentic love of GOD. Partners can surprise you and let you down, I want you to know the love of God never fails.

Life might have thrown you a curveball, and you keep swinging and missing it. God is true to his Word, His love endures forever.

You are dearly loved. In fact, Jesus Christ did not come into the earth just to make a statement, He gave His ALL, and paid a very dear price. As found in John 3:16: “For God “so” loved the World, that He sent His only begotten Son “to die” that whosoever believe in Him should “not perish”| but inherit everlasting LIFE.”

For is it not written: “He who hangs on a tree is accursed” Jesus became SIN in order that you might become the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus. If you could only but for a moment capture a single frame of the first initiation of Creation. The Love, the Joy, the Lord intended for us all.

However, Adam fell short and lost all that encompasses the true singled out and passionate love of the Master Jesus. The Word became flesh and dwelled amongst men, He is the true Light, yet the World comprehended Him not. He is the Good Shepherd and He lays down His Life for His sheep. He will never abandon a single One, He will leave the 99 and go after the 1 of His own.

God never instigated Hell for any man. It was created and solely reserved for Satan and His demons. However please understand that Adam JOINED Satan’s rebellion. I have not one single figment of a doubt that God would have forgiven Adam his sin, had he but only confessed his trespass.

Right at point start in the Book of Genesis, we have an epic moment where God wraps up and Prophecies the end from the Beginning and How Satan will be removed from the equation. Jesus Loved you to the point of death. Went to Hell, grabbed Satan by his head, took the KEYS of HELL and the GRAVE.

You should know that God loves you intently. His death was not without cause at all. He chose to die, became estranged from God the Father, became sin, and conquer hell and the grave. Jesus said, rejoice, for I have overcome the World.