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The most crucial of tasks for any believer is not to be the taskmaster, but rather, the servant. During the course of the servant, one must stand ready for the ultimate strike…rejection!

Ready yourself for rejection as a Christian, because it is coming your way too…

Are you ready! I said are you ready? Are you ready for some rejection?

Even from a Father figure? The ultimate killer? So it is, sad to say, the cruelest and toughest of tests found to all of the known mankind.

Must I now also remind you, our Master whom we now follow, our Lord and Savior, Jesus The Christ, came to earth, also to be scorned, hated, thrown aside, and ultimately be rejected by His very Own Father too?

If our Lord and Savior left us this example to follow, should we not also then in like manner know that you are called of the Messiah, THE ANOINTED ONE, be rejected by a worldly motivated climax setting.

On a hill far away, stands an old rugged cross. Take it up sooner than later, because I can most certainly assure you, as the servant of the Master. Your final and the absolute test is to render you without any kind of possible pain and suffering, even the cruelest blow of them all…Rejection amongst the brethren.

You will be rejected!!!

Can you handle it? I hope your answer is Yeah! If your answer is no, then I truly and sincerely feel sorry for you. We can trace the genealogies of those sent ahead of us to the preparation of the fields, we rejoice in their labors, but sad, yes, each and every disciple of Jesus, ended in the slaughter of some kind and form. Nothing could shake their world and unbreakable Spirit.

Even from amongst your brethren. For is not as the Holy Anointing Oil, running down Aarons bearded, when the Brethren dwells together in unity? OK, enough said of that. But we learn people. We learn from our foolishness!

Foolish to entrust ourselves with cruel taskmasters. And so, I must as your fellow Heir of salvation warn you that times of tribulation will come your way, woe unto them by whom they come. But when they do come, you be founded wounded and ready. I have fought serious battles over the span of 24 years. It has numbed my senses to the positive when it comes to confronting confrontations by either people in or out of the Church.

Because we don’t make the same mistake twice! In fact, some of you are still being nursed, getting offended at the slightest hint of rejection and fall. But when you fall, get back up!
Because vengeance is mine, says the Lord of Hosts. Yes, leave it to Lord. Love the person…not what they do! Don’t be an idiot! What I actually want to say is, don’t be a sucker for punishment twice!

I speak on your behalf, your fellow wounded, healed and rejected brother in Christ. Love the Lord always, and remembering this, that He, who once was the cast out of Israel, became the very cornerstone of the Church in all History and time. Even though He was smitten, scarred and maimed, rose to such high seat, that even all of Heaven, halts him, the worthiest seat found in all of Creation.

Beloved, Deem yourselves worthy of rejection and stand firm in the Faith of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I will most certainly continue with this article…

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