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As I write this piece, listening to a song of love, strangely not from me to God…no! God surprised me, caught offhand and presented His love for me. And for a moment it came to me. Many including myself have completely missed it pertaining God’s Heart. And I think I can now sum it up in once line aptly: “A true heart”. The Lord impressed on me, He is a very unpredictable and unordinary person. He likes the same in turn.

Come on, we waltz into church every Sunday, ritualistically work through a program singing songs such as “I surrender ALL” and this is aggravating the Lord. You see, you can’t fool God, only yourself. You better best mean what you present to God every day of your life. We expect everything to be precisely in order at church, otherwise, people get offended… Well Good!

God is tired of meaningless empty words, lips of clay with no real breath. He wants you to touch Him. Yes you have in your means to touch the Heart of God. And actually this is all that this article is about…touching the Father’s Heart. You might hold this idea that if you hop or shout the loudest hallelujah you are reaching the Father.

Could it by any means enlighten to you that you in your sincerest efforts might just be a clinging cymbal. We declare our deepest affection when we sing: “Lord, I love you so much”.

I think we best place this under serious review. Stop it! Stop wasting your time and God’s time. GET REAL! Or just please get out. Enough church hopping and your best of efforts to impress the pastors.

Let me cut to the bone whilst I am at it. What on earth are you doing in church? Well I am sure you have a whole list of reasons, you might claim your appraisal of how good the sermon was, etc. Please if you believed 10% of your heartfelt confessions pertaining the GIFT OF CHRIST.

Your actions accordingly will nit you into the body of Christ and become instrumental in the cause of the Kingdom of God. Other than that try fool someone else because this bizarre motion to impress people inside the church is futile and meaningless.

Ok, done with the rebuke. Here is the Father’s Heart for you, He wants not just the best for you, He actually is a person and is LOVE. And in turn He as an entity wants to be loved too! He is the most beautiful person. I wish I could just impart and impress on you His true nature and person. Sincerely cause the Christ presented in many churches is a LIE!!!

If you are serious about your relationship with God, you would leave a church service charged to touch the untouched, love the unloved…yes! This would be suffice and touch the Fathers heart.

Now I want to flip this thing around. Did you actually know God is not moved by everyone that calls him Lord, Lord. Nope! Sorry that won’t cut it. Be true in your conduct and speech, God knows the intent of the Heart and if truth prevail in you, God will actually reach to you and love on you, hold you and kiss you if I may say so.

We are not serving a robot. We love on God because He is actually impressed by Truthful worship. So please my dearest brother or sister. Love on Him, cause He loved you first.


Jaco Basson


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