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It is just so that we serve a Jealous God indeed. We have been created for his own good pleasure and good works through Christ Jesus.

Anything in whichever form, shape or fashion that demands more attention than to God is a problem. It goes beyond Praying and Bible reading, it is the condition of the Heart, the greater part, in fact, your whole heart belongs to God, why? Because you gave your Heart to God when you solemnly prayed the sinner’s prayer, the confession, and allegiance to the Lamb of God.

God will not share space with your own desires that supersede your love for Him and with Him. We make time for the things we love, your love might take on many forms which might be contrary to the desire of God for your life, God only wants the best for you and your family.

You are not stricken to have your own hobbies, likes, and dislikes, God wants you to enjoy these things, it is at the point where one can truly become obsessed with anything other than God. The Lord knows we need these things and will provide in all your needs, as each day’s portion is given as new tender mercies.

We are not some pet project of God! He wants a relationship and divine intimacy with you. He desires your full attention. God is full of Grace and Mercy and enjoys to see us enjoy the finer things in life, the Lord will never deprive us of such. At days end it remains a matter of the Heart.

There comes a time in one’s life where we must place our priority table to chart and see what we rate the most important factor or reality in our lives.

Who is the Boss in your life? And trust me I am not referring to a well-known TV series, I am making a direct notice to you.

It has quite a ring to it, doesn’t it: “Who’s the Boss?” Cause friend, what or whom the ever your boss is, you will serve your time.

One may crash completely, obsessed with do’s and dont’s. If all and all is wrong and sin, you might fall victim from the goodness of the Lord in your life and this is pure “fear” driven believes enshrined through poor Godly instructions and teaching in and across denominations around the World.

We are set at liberty in Christ, not to sin, but rather enjoy life, good food, good friends and above all, God at first in your life.

I sat down with a certain Psychiatrist, I said to her, “you can place one Million bucks down on that table, and say, there you go, my boy, it is all yours, I won’t even wink an eyelid, but rather say: Don’t want it, I have zero interest in it.

Her response was one stating: “You need a maintenance brain shock treatment (ECT).” and she was not joking either, she was dead cold serious. Neither the less, evidently that was her last session with me.

If money and stuff were to be your Boss, your life would be like wearing a $5 Guggi watch.

I have taken note of how some ministers sell themselves off the stage in the name of love, and honestly, I feel very and sincerely sorry for them.

According to the Word of God, you are entitled, permitted, allowed to serve only ONE MASTER, either GOD or MONEY…You cant serve both (period)

When the Lord sent out His disciples two by two on their first evangelilistical mission, His words were, take “nothing” with you. Now I don’t know what nothing means in your dictionary, but as far as my human reasoning, it pretty much means, nada, nothing, zero, nix, zilch…zip!

The third and final temptation of the Lord Jesus was an offer FROM SATAN, the kingdoms of this world and dispensation including all that goes along with that, should HE but only fall to His knees and worship him (Satan). The Lord responded with a rebuke: “Away from me Satan, for it is written: “You shall serve the Lord your God and Him Alone.”

In like manner, we should never give preference to anything other than God alone and you shall indeed live a good, funfilled and pleasant life, not just for yourself but those dearest to you as per case your family and household.