Revelation awaits, as you journey from the beginning of time, taking in a fresh and exciting new perspective, unlike anything you have ever read.   Gain intimate knowledge of a Heavenly Creator, whose actions and intentions are revealed in a way you've never seen before. From Adam to   Jesus this lovingly God-inspired book, takes your mind, body, and soul into the ‘Secret’ Scene’s from Creation to His Son. Be inspired as you are in  essence Introduced to a loving God, that has your best interests at Heart.

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Sexual immorality, by its core, is drumming millions of Christians to HELL. That which seemingly appeared to be an information media tool, aptly the Internet, has captivated even some of the brightest minds of our time into a spin and frenzy of the endless need for more.

More money, sex, and power. The influx and delivery of media, more specifically, Pornography, which might either present itself via images or video clips, which is a jam-packed collection of images projected through the eyes, picked up by the mind and given to the soul. They are effectively resulting in the immediate produce of desire or lust, which will render most men firstly and then woman into a sate or frenzy for SEX.

The ideal media tool and instrument of Satan in this modern age is via the Internet. This information technology tool has broken, singlehandedly, and torn apart more homes, ruined more lives all over the WORLD than any other means. It only takes the blink of the eye, to get data from the AMAZON to be delivered right to you, into your room, wherever that might be?