This entire World is in some kind of pain, but the Good News this day is: "His love outweighs your deepest sorrows". What is this time on earth then for one should ask? Are we here then supposedly to learn some kind of lesson of a sort? Yes! 

Your soul will mature as time progresses and you will learn the meaning of Salvation and the Cross, you will become enriched with this experience on earth. Please, God is not in the business of your suffering, pain or shame, but He has Good intent and Joy instore for you!

If we had the foggiest idea of God's purposes and intent for our lives, not just in this time on planet earth but in the Life hereafter, we will have a clearer more perfect picture of why we endure pain, place your pain on the scale, your pain versus eternal life, and I can assure you, your pain carries almost zero weight.

How then have we circumed to this condition at hand? Well, I am sure there are many reasons for this friend, but this much I know, there is a way clear out of your misery and that finish line lies equally in it's finding for all to cross.

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