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Sun blooms in the season, summer gives way to kindness and then the joy! Sheerest anticipation, with life ahead, I choose life instead. Who could ever have known this, who could then write a tale of one, a tale of one, this then me to tell this? A sudden strike, sounds so ever pierce clear rings in my ears, a smile turns to a frown, how can this even be, I was not one for such to choose, the closeness and comfort come so dearly and in its time, sweet Spirit of the Lord, pain becomes of no regard, you hold my hand and then my heart. Continue reading
I write on this topic to illustrate in an easier way or method of understanding a fuse reaction. For this task set ahead I need you to picture a "bomb" with a fairly long fuse, and then secondly I need you to picture a "bomb" with a short fuse. A fuse in this scenario is a string once ignited will make its way to the bomb, detonate it and cause an "explosion". This explosion could either be bad or good. A typical case scenario of a short-fused temprament of a person towards another person would be forver fighting with frivelious debates and a fiery toungue. Continue reading
Memories, what we create in life are memories, and they are shaped and formed by various ways and reasons, maybe your 5th birthday party, your first thought of looking into the open and vast heavens above, wondering what life may hold for you. These are the innocent memories, the memories, even that of a child. Memories are precious, remember your first toy, yeah! nothing would separate you from your love for certain activities, play in the mud, build your first sandcastle only to have it broken and brought to shambles because you see life is nothing but unfair to all of us. Some memories are created by circumstance, which may either be of your or by another's doing or words. Continue reading
In the Book of Ephesians, it clearly explains the reality that we as children of God are in a constant spiritual battle or fight. A fight that most probably won't end until the Lord's second coming, and what a glorious day that shall be indeed, amen... I am not an escapist when it comes to this reality and we should have our feet for the readiness of the Gospel of Peace at all times, regardless of the Lord's second coming. So, we are in a struggle, a fight, an argument and that which feels like a never-ending ongoing debate, trying to figure out why we suffer as we do. Continue reading
Who knows the inner recesses of the heart. Who has found the key to unlock the deep inner door that leads to the dreams within? What will dampen the dream, or take away the zeal for seeing the dream come true? A dream not come true is no dream at all. In essence, a dream is a heart found aspiration that is formed in the inmost part of the individual. Most importantly, most dreams are given to every person on planet earth, these normally are conceived as a child, usually in the first 5 years of the child's life. The Nature of such inclination is to pursue such desire if ever obtainable at all. Continue reading