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We as fellow peers, and even more so this world as we know it to be can not let by, skip or deny the very core of this certain dilemma we face, and that is that we reside in a fallen, corrupt, unfair, broken world and its yield is nothing less than pain, sorrow, and even death. We can then come to the ultimatum that this world is in need of help, or for better words a savior. I have watched how kids love to play with their superhero toys, to save the day. But I come with something more pertinent and of much more weightiness, the very savior of the entire cosmos of the world as we know it to be in this very hour. Continue reading
When the Lord sent out the disciples two by two on their first evangelical mission, His words were, take "nothing" with you. Now I don't know what nothing means in your dictionary, but as far as my human reasoning, it pretty much means, Nala,! The third and final temptation of Jesus was an offer FROM SATAN, the kingdoms and all that goes along with that, should HE but only fall down and worship him (Satan). The Lord responded with a rebuke: "Away from Satan, for it is written: "You shall serve the Lord your God and Him Alone." Continue reading
Sun blooms in the season, summer gives way to kindness and then the joy! Sheerest anticipation, with life ahead, I choose life instead. Who could ever have known this, who could then write a tale of one, a tale of one, this then me to tell this? A sudden strike, sounds so ever pierce clear rings in my ears, a smile turns to a frown, how can this even be, I was not one for such to choose, the closeness and comfort come so dearly and in its time, sweet Spirit of the Lord, pain becomes of no regard, you hold my hand and then my heart. Continue reading
In the Book of Ephesians, it clearly explains the reality that we as children of God are in a constant spiritual battle or fight. A fight that most probably won't end until the Lord's second coming, and what a glorious day that shall be indeed, amen... I am not an escapist when it comes to this reality and we should have our feet for the readiness of the Gospel of Peace at all times, regardless of the Lord's second coming. So, we are in a struggle, a fight, an argument and that which feels like a never-ending ongoing debate, trying to figure out why we suffer as we do. Continue reading
Cosmos, every single color precious sight, each carefully planted from God's great might. At times we see, at times we know, but above, that ye should know, all of these from Heaven's throne. And if He should care for each of these, how much the more shall He to thee. Look, my child, there is but two, he that sows then he that reaps. Maybe wrong, maybe unsure, but I pretty much think, they all so planted for our very own. Cosmos, Cosmos, who gave your name, who planted you here, next to every way? I see you come I see you go, but were you not for times as now? Continue reading