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I want you to take this seriously but in the same light see the humor in it, simply cause we as human creatures pray crazy stuff sometimes and expect God to act upon it, so let’s start:

1.) You cannot pray for a hole in one, a tri, a goal, more points, a bull’s eye, to win the lotto, become a billionaire in 12 months, or even provide you with score predictions “you SUPERBREW’S” … “God does not cheat!”

2.) You cannot pray to get even with someone, this is contrary to God’s nature and may manifest in a soulish expression and cause the other party much harm. “God does not endorse this” this is commonly known as “soulish” power and carries tremendous power to hurt the hurter. Which is nothing less than pure demonic empowerment to see your evil intent upon another party or person, which serves to absolute Christian witchcraft and nothing less.

3.) You cannot pray for special rank or power in the Heavenly’s, or even presume you deserve better in terms of Heavenly level or realm, this is presumption and the Lord does not like this at all.

4.) You cannot pray to claim in the Name of the Lord to the gratification of your own desire, this is framing something without any a kind of picture inside. Or for better words: “Wishful thinking”.

5.) You cannot but may pray for the Lord to draw you closer. God is the one in this deciding factor. Yes, by all means, we should pray in this manner, but the Father is very sensitive and selective in whom He chooses to draw closer to Him. This is purely and mainly to the benefit for all people, many are called, but few are chosen.

6.) You cannot pray and fast to your own gain or benefit, mainly to obtain special Giftings that is nothing less than satisfying your own flesh, gratifying or promoting yourself in such conceivable self-deception or hopes, obtaining everything other than the God-given virtues to the benefit of other people.

7.) You cannot pray and command the Lord to perform certain spiritual acts by the works of your own hands, the Lord does not like this in any a bit. By grace we have been saved, healed, delivered and that not of ourselves.

8.) You cannot pray or say: “Come hell or high water” I will make this business work, there you have just removed the Lord’s blessing and all you get in turn is in fact “hell and high waters”. You cannot pray in presumption to start a business and say to yourself, I will make a huge profit, or even count your chickens before they have hatched. Or even worse, commence in a partnership with an unbeliever and then expect the Lord to join the party and bless it! Aren’t going to happen, my dear friend.

9.) You cannot pray for virgin lungs and heart and continue smoking like a chimney, or ask for a new liver and continue consuming large amounts of alcohol, heal your feet from agonizing goat and you keep on eating excessive red meats.

10.) You cannot pray for the Lord to deliver you from your bad habit whether it be an addiction or some of these sorts without you working together with the Lord to a better state of health and wellbeing. If you do your part, expect the Lord to perform the rest.

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