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One would most surely imagine that you are a but sheer happenstance from a big bang theory, or even more, that we evolved from some hideous ape creature or some of the sorts. But it is more complex and intricate than that. See folks, you have been looking at this thing called life from a view unlikely to realize your very own existence as a participant of the World and the human race. You were formed inside the most unlikely of places, in your mother's womb (tummy). This can get real crazy as we put this whole thing under the microscope. Continue reading
You cannot pray or say: "Come hell or high water" I will make this business work, there you have just removed the Lord's blessing and all you get in turn is in fact "hell and high waters". You cannot pray in presumption to start a business and say to yourself, I will make a huge profit, or even count your chickens before they have hatched. Or even worse, commence in a partnership with an unbeliever and then expect the Lord to join the party and bless it! Aren't going to happen, my dear friend. Continue reading
Listen here, you might be on the brim of entering the age of 21, jip! your a man or woman now. I set before you two or death! How can you say that Jaco? Don't ask me, read the AGE RESTRICTION WARNINGS and RATINGS on the worst inventions known to mankind, this may include, tobacco, alcohol, pornography, clubbing, gambling, movies and so on... Continue reading
We are called as light set on a hill. Shining in the light? No…we are set high giving light to those in darkness. Take a pitch black room, light up a candle and see the light pierce the darkness. You are a Glow with the love and power of God Himself. Before hence time you where in darkness now you are set alight to bring hope to a broken lost and darkened world. Shine, shine, shine…Glow for the world to see. As the moth to the flame, so let your light shine. Burn for Jesus, and people will come watch you burn. The most difficult and seemingly impossible task is trying to hide the light that so shines and Glows in you. Continue reading
God looked at the earth, observed and seen something beautiful. He looked at what appeared to be a rugged earth and saw a gem. The great task was set out of one that was to be the most beautiful painting of all. The empty canvas was set out for the painter's touch. Who knows, he could have painted many things for many reasons, but He chose you, he chose you and then started painting. He saw you, and said, surely this is the one that I will love. Continue reading