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Cosmos, every single color precious sight, each carefully planted from God's great might. At times we see, at times we know, but above, that ye should know, all of these from Heaven's throne. And if He should care for each of these, how much the more shall He to thee. Look, my child, there is but two, he that sows then he that reaps. Maybe wrong, maybe unsure, but I pretty much think, they all so planted for our very own. Cosmos, Cosmos, who gave your name, who planted you here, next to every way? I see you come I see you go, but were you not for times as now? Continue reading
Memories, what we create in life are memories, and they are shaped and formed by various ways and reasons, maybe your 5th birthday party, your first thought of looking into the open and vast heavens above, wondering what life may hold for you. These are the innocent memories, the memories, even that of a child. Memories are precious, remember your first toy, yeah! nothing would separate you from your love for certain activities, play in the mud, build your first sandcastle only to have it broken and brought to shambles because you see life is nothing but unfair to all of us. Some memories are created by circumstance, which may either be of your or by another's doing or words. Continue reading
Quite recently my life has changed to the good. I purchased one of Nate's albums aptly: "Therapy Session", one of the best things that ever happened to me, I also got hold of Mansion, Perception and the latest release, "The Search - 2019". Truthfully I can say, jip, music has pretty much shaped me what I am today. I have listened to most Christian bands from the age of 14, currently sitting at age 40. Call me crazy for all that it is worth, but I discovered myself in the lines and words of Nate. I know some would get a hisi-fit when listening to the sound of his music, good. It is not in any notion or gesture to appease everyone. Continue reading
What a controversial statement in itself...right? What am I trying to paraphrase here? Something I hold very dear amongst my discoveries in my Christian pilgrimage. That simply, breaking it down in one sentence. You aren't getting anything from the Lord unless you get IT. Still unsure what I mean by it right? Well, friend, I am sure I can unravel the Word and prove from many quotations that what I am saying is the absolute truth. Continue reading
The Letter kills, but the Spirit brings Life. The letter alone by itself, without the light, will leave you in a dark room, without the means to read a bit. We need both ingredients to get illumination and understanding. Some try and reason, grasp and grow spiritually with the letter alone. Continue reading