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It is just so that Christendom as a whole has become too familiar and too accustomed to the supernatural. Pacesetters, laying landmarks and I can name a few like John G. Lake, Smith Wigglesworth, Kathrine Culman, etc, and many other Giants of the Faith who have laid down the foundation in South Africa and abroad around the World, setting the Spiritual tone and setting for the Atmosphere of these miraculous acts to manifest. 

People of God, I have seen legs grow, arms grow, the lame walk, the demon-possessed delivered, yes, I have seen it all, sad as it is few get excited with these extraordinary events as they play to the testament of their very own eyes. What is one to make of this if Christians stop getting excited about God. Who is to give account for such in The Day of Reckoning?

If God's people don't get excited about His Manifest Presence they may very well go home and rather watch a drama. I speak and give voice to these Titans of the ages that left a legacy to follow, even after their passing.

They are of the extraordinary kind, please don't expect the norm from them, they will blow you away and you might account it as being prudent and rude, but you need to understand the Mantle they walk in places their point of view of another kind, the way they perceive things is just not the norm or your view to be.

Pacesetters of this kind are not easily grasped, yes, they also made or make mistakes, who cares, seen that most people don't even care if God raises the dead, and this I have seen as well.

I can think of Countries that would go absolutely delirious if they see these acts we so easily take for granted, they make me think of the Samaritan woman who came to draw from Jacob's well. She was not well educated, jumped from one husband to another and was a trouble maker and the sort that was quite witty with the tongue, yet had enough common sense that this Man (Jesus Christ) was the Messiah, she shook the town with her ecstatical witness to this One, the very Christ.

The batten of Faith passed on by these Titans of Faith must be handed over from generation to generation, failing to do so will ultimately result in generations to come that will not see what we have seen or even witness the power of God in Action.

I speak with great respect when I think about how ordinary people in days gone by have shaken ages to come even till this very day. You don't need your whole life as a minister to try and make an impact or leave a legacy, it took Jesus the Christ three years to shake Heaven and Hell in order to rip you and me from the clutches and grip of Hell and the grave. 

Now seated at the right hand of the Father to rule and reign in supreme majesty, I would say that is pretty radical, don't you? What makes this even more radical is that on the last day He will rear us from the grave to rule with Him.

Get excited Christians, we serve an awesome God and He is coming back!

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