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21 Oct 2021

Ever read the little card on your birthday or Christmas gift, it is addressed to you with love from someone. Essentially you are given the gift because the giver treasure you in their lives and a gift you give exemplifies your love or intent for a person. 

When we give we give from our hearts, we do not hold back, we reveal our love for the ones we love. In other words, a heartfelt aspiration to show the evidence of your love.

Many times during Christmas we are so excited, not about the fact that we will receive physical goods, but rather we are anxious to see how others feel about us. Sometimes we put a lot of effort into our giving and we are extremely selective in what we give.

A Gift is given on the terms that it is meant to be received, a gift not received is no gift at all. I wish I could put to words the love and intent God has for this generation. If only you could grasp for one second what Jesus' earth sending and crucifix mean to us.

Many might say, well, hardly a price to pay for such a multitude, taken on the terms that Jesus be glorified to the right hand of God. But friend, God selected Jesus, He addresses his only begotten Son to you, put him on a cross, and offered him up for you.

If you need evidence of God's love for you, look at the work on the cross, this is proof sufficient.

Love cannot be love without a certain sense of tangibility, in essence, we are extremely observing in behavior in others. And typically we get a message of love about how they feel about us.

Jesus stretched one arm to the left and one to the right, thought about you, then opened His palms to the falling hammer, there he was nailed to a cross to you. God is still giving today, and He wants to give you life eternally…

If I had to put a gift in front of you today and say, under that wrapping is Life, Joy, a life of purpose and Blessing. You would not even think twice before opening it. Why is then so hard for so many to say yes to Jesus Christ?

If you want to open that gift today…please pray this prayer with me: Lord Jesus, I love you, I accept the gift on the cross, please forgive me of my sin and come and live through me….in your holy name…amen.

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