Christian Articles By Jaco Basson


12 Sep 2021

In the beginning, was The Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1 NKJV

Nothing that was ever scaped on the empty canvas of earth was without Him. In Him were the Life and the Light of all creation. He came unto His own, yet His own received Him not, neither knew Him. But unto whosoever receive Him, yes, unto these He gives the legal right to become children of God, not of the flesh, nor of man but the Will of God the Father.

God looked at the earth, observed, and seen something beautiful. He looked at what appeared to be rugged earth and saw a gem. The great task was set out of one that was to be the most beautiful painting of all.

The empty canvas was set out for the painter’s touch. Who knows, he could have painted many things for many reasons, but He chose you, he chose you and then started painting. He saw you, and said, surely this is the one that I will love.

For in every conceivable color under the sun he painted with great care, yes, when it came to you, he took his time, look far, inside the depts of the painting, for if you observe and look closely you would see two, yes not one but two. When it came to the framing, he framed it with the stars.

To date, masters of art, have been very successful in their attempts to copy this painting in the work and sculptures, and yes, sadly I have to say, it is only a copy, it’s a replica.

Replicating the painter’s hand. No one holds the ability to create outside of what the painter has already painted. The Moon, the Stars, the woven delicately intimate detail of an earthly reflection of a heavenly reality.

Yes, even a glimpse, a shadow, Oh who can know this, this painting was painted with Love, this painting was painted with great care and fear.

Ultimately the painter would set out to his greatest task, yes you, he painted you, saw your sin, then saw his only son, surely this painting is of such great costly worth, what would be the price for such a painting.

The Father looked, then looked at his most prized possession…His Son, I will give my Sons life, yes, this is price will reach far beyond expectations, this is the price I am willing to pay since he was the only one, no one else was willing, so the Son obedient even unto death nodded and was slain, yes, even before from before the foundation of creation.

Then the final task, sadly, yes, I need to say, this painting was finished with the blood of his Son, blood flowed, then pierced. This was the final mixture of blood and water, and the painting was finished. Your sin, your misery.

Finally, the price was met. With great joy, the Lord would set out on his next painting, New Heaven, and New Earth. Oh, this will be even greater than the former. Its finest brush, is set out for the heartfelt grand design, wait, now there are not two, but ONE. One, yes one. The scene is forever set in place, surely, I the Lord will be united with my most prized possession…………….YOU!

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