Christian Articles By Jaco Basson


14 Sep 2021

As I listened through the Gospel of John in audio format. I soon discovered, Jesus could not have given us a clearer picture of His deity, purpose, and destiny to the cross and beyond. There need not be any effort of trying to translate or transcribe the red-letter Bespoken Words of Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

IT IS PUT PLAIN. The beatitudes, the parables, the stories, hey! It’s PLAIN. The Pharisees demanded a sign. The Lord put it plainly: “a wicked and adulterous generation seeks a sign, no sign shall be given, except the sign of Jona”.

We find the Lord referring to Himself as the manna that came from Heaven. He continues and reveals that Moses wrote of Him, yet they did not believe or accept Him. Abraham, the Father of our very Faith, saw His day and was glad!

Jesus did not speak in an unknown way or means, It might have seemed in the Word the Lord Jesus speaking in dark speech. But all this was for a purpose, indeed that they might remember His Words once Risen.

Yes, in part at a stage Jesus said to those drumming after Him: “Unless you eat of my Flesh and drink of my Blood, you will not inherit eternal life. The response of the listeners was one stating: “This is a hard thing to accept, and started walking away. 

Jesus did not feel the need to run after them and say: “OK boys, actually, I was speaking symbolically, no, he did not do this. Then turned to His very own disciples and said: “Will you go too?” Peter responded: “Lord, you have the Words of Life, where shall we go?” 

Even still at that moment, Jesus did not reveal the statement of His Body to be Broken for us all.

Did you know that every time Jesus asked any question, He knew the answer to it. Does this infer that he lied, no! He tested or probed the crowds with questions. 

Jesus is the most awesome exciting radical person I know! And I love Him dearly. Hey! Why complicate the Gospel to people out there…it is plain, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened.

The Word Gospel means: “Good News” and this is exactly all we need to deliver to people out there. I have soon discovered, especially in Charismatic circles how many would complicate the Christian Life. It would even appear as if impossible to be saved or even go to Heaven.

We need not have to burden people, especially non-believers with too many rules and regulations. Yes! When you sin you will know it, you will pay a price. But that does not mean we should stone people when they falter and fall.

We should be the ones to pick them up again, please spare me the jargon that everything we have to perform as Christians is a hard thing. We don’t need 7 pointers to get anywhere in Life. Keep it plain and simple. Let’s not burden anyone out there with the Good News!

We are essentially here to hand over a Good Word, and that my friend is: it’s “FINISHED”. What is finished? Your pain, your misery. You have been redeemed. Hey! This is exciting stuff. Dearest beloved, we are deemed to spend eternity with Christ Jesus.

I think we might just get a little bit excited about this awesome reality. Gandhi made a profound statement, he said: “Was it not for Christians, then the whole world would be Christian”…WOW!

If you have anything to say to anyone, let it rather be a word of upliftment and encouragement, if there needs to be a rebuke, do it wisely, as not to hurt the person. Do it in LOVE!

Most Christians LOVE GOD, but they hate church….why is this? I pretty much think we have made the Gospel and eternal life unattainable.

This ought not to be so. Even though we speak in a heavenly language, or give our bodies to be burned for the Lord, yet have no love…we have mahala! Nothing!

You are saved by Grace and that not of yourself. Lest you should get a fat head and thin heart.

You can’t work, buy or negotiate your way into Heaven friend. It is done! And this should be the crux of our message to the World. We are entering into the labor of millions before us. We are feeding on the vines we did not plant.

I most assuredly hope you are getting the message I am trying to give. And that is one, not complicated, but rather PLAIN. You are treasured and precious. In a nutshell…Keep it Simple!

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