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The Prophet is an elect office ordained for a certain type of person. One would find that people of this kind are born with the calling of the prophet, seldom a person becomes a prophet later in life.

I remember, I was 5 when I gave my first prophecy, I was standing in the back yard with my little friend, I pointed to the clouds and I said: “Jesus is coming back in the clouds” Right there I had an open Vision, the clouds came down on me and the Light shone on me, I asked my little friend: “Can't you see the clouds”.

I don’t want to go into intimate details, but I was in a prayer meeting at a company that I was working for, called “BOSASA”. One day a prophet Ken J Larken attended one of these prayer meetings. He walked around in the prayer meeting a gave Word to people there when he came to me, he got extremely excited and could not believe what he was seeing, he said to Gavin Watson: “Here sits the future”. What Ken did not know is that BOSASA means “Future”.

The Prophet is most times not easy to understand, not that they are complicated, they walk in a measure of God’s Spirit that separates them to a large degree. Let me give you an example, and I am going to give you a modern example when everyone is outside swimming and BBQ “ing”. This type of person would very much rather be alone, the Prophet is not everyone’s friend, in fact, this type of person is really not a socialite. I know this is going to sound rude, but when everyone was handing out gifts at the Christmas tree, I was sleeping.

The only reason why I would attend this event is to see the children open their gifts…love it. The Prophet belongs to God and is completely sanctified for service to God alone. The prophet is essentially Messengers of God, and they carry a lot of clout in their Words. It is usually not a good idea to offend such a person, especially if it relates to God.

The Spirits of the Prophets submit to one another. And it is vital that people of this Nature live in communal harmony at all times with one another. The prophet will have access to a realm not reachable by the everyday person, and will also be informed Immediately when another prophet or person is in need or suffering. 

He perceives and SEES, and have the ability to speak into lives and give them Hope, or seldom a warning. The prophets essentially will most times edify and uplift more than anything else.

 Many people have a miss conceived idea of what a prophet is. We know that the image of the prophet will eventually very much reflect his inner man. But some people that I have seen, (not referring to anyone I know) will start growing their hair, change their tone of voice, and really become strange. There is nothing wrong with this, but I have to add, Paul said: “I wish you all were prophets”, but the truth is there are a only a few Genuine prophets on planet earth at one time.

God has a backup plan, should God lose a prophet to the enemy, He already has been busy training another prophet.

Now, it is not the ultimate that we need to be a prophet, to prophecy. People that live in the Word and the Word in them, usually and seldom have the ability to relate to the future and see things to a measure, allowed for that moment.

The prophet stays in constant fellowship and relationship with God, when I mean constantly, I am really meaning every second of every day…wow, The Prophet can become, sorry to say, violent if someone touches God, the person who created the offense could be destroyed. We don’t want to destroy satanists, but when they start astral projecting and blaspheming the Holy Spirit, I become extremely dangerous.

God does not need protection, but the prophet is intensely protective of God. I remember right through high school I was rejected by everyone for my sincere faith in God, in fact, by standard 9 I could not take it anymore, so I left school.

Something we need to remember, we can not take the Word and reject the prophet, when you reject the prophet, you actually, throw him away with the message he brought. Therefore, if you should ever receive a Word from a prophet, respect them and honor them. The prophet can easily withhold and keep the Word back if he perceives that there is no honor for him, and God will indeed honor this choice.

Not only is the prophet intensely protective over God, but God is Intensely protective over His prophets. I am not trying to scare you, I would rather reach out a warning, don’t touch God’s prophets. The Prophet does not only carry the Word, but they also Carry a measure of The Anointing that makes it dangerous to miss treat such a person. 

The Prophet has Spiritual “Responsibility”, meaning, they are “Able” to “Respond” in two ways to any situation, a positive way, or a way that does not really make sense. The prophet will know exactly when and what to pray for. God will in modern language: “Keep them up to date and time” The prophet can also respond with immense force, God has to a great extent given His prophets, a lot of authority and judgment, and allows them to scrutinize to a measure.

The prophet has the ability to stand in the gap, much more than any other person, one would find that this type of person can and will stand in the gap either for a nation, church, or individuals. Therefore it is important when you know that someone stands in the gap for you, that you understand they have taken on a task that is not easy, especially if the prophet stands in the gap for someone that carries a lot of clout on a national and international level.

I know that I am standing in the gap for a certain church and church leader, and trust me, I have to address demons and principalities on the daily basis, I even have high ranking demons approaching me, threatening me, to let go of my commitment.

I have suffered much for my long lasting commitment, and I will not let go, or turn my back on such a people. The prophet has the ability to call on God, and God will immediately, love this. What I am saying is that the prophet dwells in the Presence of God at “all” times, there is also no time and space or even distance between the prophet and God. The intercession of a prophet has the ability to save a nation and can turn the worst situations into the best.

What am I saying?, is there much difference between the Old Testament Prophet and the New, in all honesty…………………………”NOT MUCH” God still uses His Prophets to deliver his Word, same as the old testament, God still uses His

Prophets to warn, edify, uplift, strengthen, encourage…..but I have to add, Jesus, “THE PROPHET” encourages a way of Grace and Truth. Some of Jesus’s disciples where radical men, they wanted to call fire from the sky and destroy everyone…hehe. But Jesus came to show us a better Way…

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