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Ever heard these three words: "Cut it out" or "Just cut it out". What a wonderful amazing release this would bring into your life. Why would I make such a statement? Quite simply, seen that you allow certain characters in your life, they don't always play by the BOOK (Bible) and act in a contradictory fashion towards you "When you are not around" see.

Thank God for the discernment of spirits. I just cut them out, simple as that. Especially when it is a one way and not a bi-directional affair or friendship. One way friendships never last, the most upsetting treatment one can attain is the "silent treatment", it borders on the verge of something ugly. For those that understand me will know exactly what I am talking about.

Well, anyhow, keep healthy relationships with the right people, often in many, case relationships easily rot and become nostalgic, bitter and that of the kind which is distasteful and upsetting. Just cut it or them out. Do we rid ourselves from family and toxic siblings, if needs be...yes! But on one condition, it all has to play off with "LOVE" as the backdrop.

If it does not aim such a person in the direction of a better state of Spirit, Soul and wellbeing then don't feed them to the swine just yet. Get to know the root cause for the misunderstanding, that which gave way to the uneasy feelings.

Once you have culminated to the point where you about to sin, write the names of there certain individuals on a piece of paper as a method or means of demonstration and burn it, pal. it's over, like in finished. They have burned all their opportunities with you and it has become ritualistically a truth this person is just out to get you. They will love in the while, the first initiative when they have the opportunity to hurt you, they will take it, without thinking twice.

I want you to color a picture in your mind. Imagine there are seven layers to you as a person, each layer giving way to your most inner circle. We have to be extremely selective in picking our closest relatives, once you gave way to a bitter person in your inner circle of "TRUST" you lie close to potential problematic en eventually broken Heart.

At many times, these are some of the most potent triggers that can lead a person to a pitfall, causing much pain and shame, and this is the enemy's main tool or weaponry, the "blame game".

Like Pastor Ray McCauley once said: "Sometimes we sow SEEDS into a relationship and it is not an easy task whatsoever to pull them back".

The pullback scenario always has it's consequences, and usually, ain't pretty. When I walk into any church, I try and hide mate. I mean like in seriously act in a way and manner that I would be identified or recognized. However, every time I fail miserably, this is a true token to myself. Who knows "Maybe I just have a poker face or something" lol.

I want you to hear me out, seen that we are on this topic. If you are a minister in the fivefold capacity more accurately in a calling that places you on a platform in front of a crowd, you sit with tremendous responsibility friend. If you have an issue with someone, please don't take a swing at the whole church to get to "ONE GUY". Face up to it, at point start, tell such one directly, listen here pal, I don't like XYZ....cut it in now!

Point being, address the issue where it comes from and not the entire church, whilst streaming live internationally and making thousands of instances of streaming media. Get that guy right out of his chair and tell them in private with the counsel of the elders that which troubles you. If they are not interested in change, you have not choice, now you don't give them over to Satan just yet…You leave them to soak a bit and see if it sinks in. Other than that you must cut them out of the LIFE OF THE CHURCH for the CHURCH's sake dearest.

It is always sad to see this at play in so many churches, I can write on this topic. Why? Cause I was also a very problematic person in the church, and friend, I am ashamed to say, I had the ordeal of being asked to please leave the church twice. Yes, it hurts, it cuts deep. I know you did not mean to write or say those things. They were not from you, and your motive was not to inflict harm on others, but I need to enlighten you, once you hit puberty, you are very liable for your words and actions and it may take many years to recover if you ever recover at all.

I can continue with this article and stipulate all the bad things like habits, addictions, people and so on needs to be addressed. Deal with it, CUT IT OUT and move one. It is not always easy to move on, cause you are hurting, the person you so painfully removed from your "LIFE" is leaving a mark. It hurts. Life at times is the best of taskmasters and will deal you at times a cruel blow (MB), you just keep your focus on the Lord and remember you have a brother that prays for you, and I've got your back brother "I told you so!"

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