Hey you! Yes, you there…

I simply presume for a moment I was I talking about you, but I ain’t. This article arrives at my mailbox number 1. And so was my life, when all else failed, I mean hey, we all have some kind of addiction to get rid of, I smoke, should come as no surprise, I am cutting it down by the roots.

God appreciates your time, attention, and obedience more than your sacrifices. According to the Bible, our righteousness is as filthy rags before God.

Heaven is His throne, the earth His footstool, who shall build a house for the Lord? You are that “HOUSE” that the Bible is referring to, God chose to pay a very real price towards a very real reason, and that is to save you.

I was such a bad internet junkie, my whole life resounded around the internet, surfing, downloading, and trying forever to make money online, ain’t gonna happen.

Many have tried to jump on the Internet bandwagon beloved, you just keep ya head straight and focus on the Lord Jesus Christ. And so it is, the enemy would try his uttermost best to divert your attention from God.

I mean look, As I am busy typing this article I am sitting in a hall with 90 very sick people, and love it! Every syllable, every beat my heart to see these people get healing.

They are my patients, and they roll them in here each day, most not being able to commutate or reflect on the Sound produced, but hey, I am working at their Spirit’s, and more evidently their Souls.

I am more concerned for their Spiritual wellbeing than any other virtue. I can place all my possessions on one desk, and trust me, it ain’t a big desk either, and so this is the God honest truth. I did at the time not even own my very bed, they had to cart it in where I used to reside in a mental institution.

It gives me GREAT JOY! Caring, reaching, and loving on people. I have absolutely nothing negative to say to anybody. I mean, I can write something really negative in this article but the chance that you might forget it is almost zero. I would very much rather edify, build and uplift you!

Please do yourself the favor, leaving the judging part to God. You ain’t a judge and if you presume to be, then you are mistaken and the measure you deal out will be measured back unto you my friend.

Love comes so naturally to the human condition, it just flows, try it! Works like a bomb… well enough of that. Let’s get back to the topic aptly: “Internet Junkie’s” As you most certainly know by now, I used to be one.

I am free, and I tended to look at and after hopeless and helpless people as in this case scenario, a mental home, I used to dump plenty of Gigabytes of data each month, aimlessly for no real reason or cause at all, now I am addicted to Jesus Christ and His HEARTBEAT, which is people.

If you are a Facebook addict, slow down, you are boring me. Ok, be social, ain’t my scene, I supposedly have 201 friends on Facebook, I only chat with one person and that is MY PASTOR.

Maybe you are a YouTube addict, who knows, maybe you are a Trump fan, and keep an eye on him constantly, hey! snap out of it, the Lord is getting Jealous friend, and I have a few verses ready to throw at ya should you not believe God is not a Jealous God. HE IS. (Period)

If you really wanna tick God off then start ignoring Him. He does not like that at all, we were created for His Good pleasure, no other reason at all. When last have you taken up a printed magazine, I mean why should we allow digital cyberspace to rule our ways of life.

After all friends, we can’t appease everyone. Do yourself the favor, get a magazine, and read it from A 2 Z. In the stead of surfing 100 pages with junk on it, with “boobs” flashing around about. Ok, sorry, I did not mean to offend anyone out there.

I used to be an internet addict, I have the shirt, cap the works. I used to be so captivated by the internet until God just had enough. landed me in hospital and gave me all the beautiful people to care for.

IT is about time to disconnect from the cyber world or internet and get yourself connected to the church, which is the HEARTBEAT of GOD. You can’t claim to be a Christian and despise the church?

Should you have guessed by now, I have changed from an “Internet fanatic” into an absolute most definite “JESUS ADDICT”.

Some need a near-death experience before they stop and pay attention to God. Don’t go there, just listen carefully and follow-through, we have ignored God long enough.