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Dear and fellow Citizen of the Kingdom of God,

This page is not to beg for money in whatsoever format. As you might notice on this website, I also write about my mental problem aptly:" Schizophrenia". 

If you should research or Google this topic you will soon discover that this type of condition renders you unable to cope with any form or kind of stress factors. 

Unfortunately, I am not in any shape to take on a full-time job. This Blog is my Lifeline and hopefully sustains me. 

If you Donate $15 or more, I will post a printed copy of my book, signed by me, to the destination of choice within South Africa.

If you do not reside in South Africa, arrangements can be made, please understand that there would then be a delivery charge depending on where you reside.

Your contribution to me will keep me going and know this much, I am not promising you great blessings if you do so, all I can do from my part is to say thank you!