MY NOVEL / THE SEED Download for Free!

Revelation awaits, as you journey from the beginning of time, taking in a fresh and exciting new perspective, unlike anything you have ever read. Gain intimate knowledge of a Heavenly Creator, whose actions and intentions are revealed in a way you've never seen before.

From Adam to Jesus this lovingly God-inspired book, takes your mind, body, and soul into the ‘Secret’ Scenes from Creation to His Son. Be inspired as you are in essence Introduced to a loving God, that has your best interests at heart.

This Christian Novel not only encapsulates the Father Heart for us but speaks louder than words even though it is a novel, it carries 100% doctrinal truths misperceived by so many people in the church as it is.

When reading "THE SEED" open your Heart and perspective to a whole new way of seeing and perceiving God's Love for you. You are His child and He Loves you dearly.

Once you have downloaded my book in ZIP format, simply unzip to get the PDF version.