This article is not addressed towards those precious souls that have not come to the knowledge of Christ and salvation, but I am coursing this message directly to those who are either saved, healed or delivered, by such great a salvation, even the gift of Christ, given liberally and without excuse.

Make no mistake, sin has its own reward which leads to death, it provides temporally pleasure and may very well mask a grin on your face, but has eternal consequence if not repented of. Sin is serious, it holds you in a tight grip from living the full Christ Life God came to deliver unto us all.

God wants to look at you and say: “Here is my beloved, in him or her I am well pleased. Certain holds onto this doctrine, it is quite ok to sin, just that you must repent afterward. This is good and all, but dearest friend, please don’t’ take God for a fool or puppeteer.

It was never God’s plan or intent for man to sin, sin was at first found in Genesis, where Satan deceives and beguiles Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge, good and evil.

Adam and Eve’s reaction was an immediate realization that they were indeed naked.

Now for any man or woman carrying full knowledge of what sin about and its aftereffects makes the sacrifice of Christ cheap if one should think in one’s own deceived heart, it’s ok, it’s fine, I will just repent afterward.

Sin is pleasurable for a moment, its end result is dire and more serious than you can scope friend, repented and all, you will pay a price. If God did not love us then He would have no need to chastise us, yes you heard me correctly, God disciplines His children whom He loves, and the price could be a very hard thing to bear, which would make you wish you never sinned in the first stead.

Some are suckers for punishment, they just carry on sinning regardless of its results, this is when a person becomes truly hardened of heart, not being able to discern between good and evil.

The BLOOD OF JESUS, a life-giving force beyond human comprehension. Men will die having not received the life it gives. His Blood cures any disease, vindicates the lost.

As the great physician, He entered a dying world. Only His Blood has the power to restore, to heal, to cleanse, to deliver, to restore sight, to make whole, the power to cure the sin-infected soul. This is the life-giving blood.

This Blood cries out. It sums up the totality of the deepness of
God’s love for mankind. Love is not love without some sufficient tangible proof. Something as complicated as love cannot be contained in the inner recesses of the Heart.

It will break free, move to new frontiers, find the destitute, find the cast out and rejected. It will elevate, produce compassion, set free.

If you truly confess your sins from the Heart, the Lord is willing and able to forgive you of all sins. Invite the Lord Jesus Christ into your Heart. There is no sin greater than the sacrifice on the cross.

Please NEVER cheapen the Love and Grace of God.

Ever how, God could not live without you, so He sent his Word with a Message, gave his ONLY BEGOTTEN SON as a Living sacrifice unto us all, crashed Satan and all of his plans, and gave us LIFE eternal…

Who of you would want to offend such a loving, protective Father?

When a believer of Christ FALLS into sin and dies in it, will become Satan’s benefactor and share in its reward, aptly “DEATH”, the second death, which leads to ETERNAL HELL, in its entirety.

This is no game, and it has no end. If it was a game, then it would read “Game Over”, I can most certainly assure you, it is not funny, and ain’t no joke either.

I cumulatively have come to the ULTIMATE CONCLUSION, Don’t play Satan’s game, it never stops, never ends.

Be true to God and have FAITH in Christ, because if your name is recorded in the LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE, it also in like manner, HAS NO END, and will NEVER read, “GAME OVER,” read the end of the BOOK (HOLY BIBLE).