Trying to fit God into the worldly paradigm is virtually impossible. And that is where we as fellow earthlings struggle. Fitting a perfect God into a suffering world, I mean how can a loving God allow this suffering to continue. Some might be bound, some might be experiencing severe spiritual torment.

It is rated that 1 out of 4 people suffer from some psychiatric disorder. Tormenting demons rightly own the right to their name and job description and that is to torture souls. I have personally been tortured for 9 years, Satan tore me apart. I was crying out to God for help, but nobody was listening. At a stage, I was so psychotic that I would scream out in the night hour.

I was thinking I am the only one suffering, but then I look again at faces passing by…everybody hurts. We grow up with this melancholy attitude in life expecting the perfect scenario. But there comes a time in every person’s life where we come to terms, hey! this is not as expected.

I have spent about 86 weeks in mental institutions. I have met the most precious souls, they are hurting! Who will put salve on their wounds? They are crying, because of rejection and abuse, all the souls rendered to life even more obscene and torture brokenness. Some cut themselves to rid themselves of the pain, the pain is too great.

Some do the unthinkable and take their own lives. Their souls are crying from the depths,  who will give ear to their cry? Plastic smiles and faces, inwardly the wounded spirit lies.

I have spent time with patients in the most bizarre situations where they were thrown away by life and people. Where does that leave them? We need to let them know, they are loved. Many a case it would seem impossible and it seems to be a hard task identifying the Love of God for you.

You are chosen, loved, and placed on the earth with a God-given destiny. Broken lives, torn asunder by the cruelness of life, their lives lies shattered and in pieces.

Who knows, maybe you have been abused as a child, or in your puberty raped even by that which resembles a father figure. How great the pain, the betrayal. Regardless, just know, you are loved. The message is clear: “Hold on” it is not the end.

O, how easy to say, don’t worry God loves you. Rather allow me to put ointment on your wounds, I wont touch too deep, but it is time! It is time to move on with your life! You have been smitten down, abandoned, raped or abused. It is time to get up and look this thing called life straight in the eyes.

How precious you are the Lord. Your life might lie in pieces, lets pick up the pieces and progressively move on with our lives. By no means am I suggesting we wipe a magic wand and everything will disappear. You are wounded! It will take time to heal.

Hold on, don’t let go of your life, it is not the end….remember you are loved!