The Letter kills, but the Spirit brings Life. The letter alone by itself, without the light, will leave you in a dark room, without the means to read a bit. We need both ingredients to get illumination and understanding. Some try and reason, grasp and grow spiritually with the letter alone.

We cannot grow in wisdom or understanding, save we have the light on the letter, which will, in turn, give you the ability to see into the mysteries of God, which has seemingly been hidden that might lead you into the greatest Discovery of your life.

Many find it a hard thing to try and gain an understanding of the Word, simply due to the reasoning of their natural understanding and perception. Once you are lit up, can you see, without the light, you end up with the letter, and the letter alone cannot save you!

John the Baptist came as a Light, He was not the Light, yet the rulers and generation of his age rejoiced in his Light, Jesus is the true Light, however, abides in HIM shall not stumble, but have the Light of LIFE.

Many Scribes and Pharisees thought that they might obtain salvation by the letter alone. Yet the greatest Key, the unveiling of the TRUTH was hidden in Jesus the Christ. Giving sight to the blind, open the eyes of their understanding and bringing new hope to the lost.

Unto each of us is dealt a measure of Faith according to riches in Glory, revelation unspeakable or that which cannot be put to words. I wish to show you a more excellent way in the journey of your Christian pilgrimage. Jesus did not come as “a” Light, no…HE IS THE LIGHT. Who gives Light to all men.

Jesus our Lord and Master would in turn deal unto each a measure of His Light. Without this Light, no man shall know God. It is likened to a man trying to read the scriptures blindfolded. How foolish to think that such a man would receive anything from the Lord. They have become ignorant and hence can no more discern rightly.

You are the Light of the World…so shine! From birth till this time, you might never have experienced walking in the Light. This brings us to the conclusion that this is a virtue you carry absolutely no knowledge about. But lest you take that first step into the Light that so shines, only then would you be able to understand that which you have been missing out on!

When you are transformed from the kingdom of darkness into the marvelous Light of God, you will indeed become a new creation. This means there was a buffer period where you once were living a below average life. But friend, you need to take a leap of Faith, step into the unknown and hold on to your Faith.

In the day of His POWER, the hearts of many will become willing. Unless you experience the Living Word and Manifest Presence of God, you will be ignorant of God’s ways. But I dare you, take that step of Faith into the unknown so that that which was once hidden, be made known to you in a glorious way this year.