In the Book of Ephesians, it clearly explains the reality that we as children of God are in a constant spiritual battle or fight. A fight that most probably won’t end until the Lord’s second coming, and what a glorious day that shall be indeed, amen…

I am not an escapist when it comes to this reality and we should have our feet for the readiness of the Gospel of Peace at all times, regardless of the Lord’s second coming. So, we are in a struggle, a fight, an argument and that which feels like a never-ending ongoing debate, trying to figure out why we suffer as we do.

Find this no strange thing, why? Cause the devil is still around, going about doing his works. Living in the second world, I must say, the true relief will ultimately come when the trump shall sound on that glorious last day, we will be united with the Lord Jesus, this is called the rapture, the taking away, or “to be saved”.

We are surrounded, at most times, on the road, in the workplace and even amongst friends and family with people through whom the devil may manifest and you may be ill-treated or hurt in such a way to open up a door for darkness to sneak in. This is the bait of Satan, and we know his vices by now.

Trying to reason with this world, or cutting deals with the devil to be at peace is then 100% unacceptable and as a foot soldier and ambassador of the King, we ought to withstand evil until that glorious day, amen…

We don’t cut deals, we refuse to behave in a manner that is contrary to the Kingdom of God with the sincerest hope that we might be at peace, Satan is a liar and the father of it, he is also a murderer, deceiver and seeks you to be taken away from the Lord’s fold and spend the rest of your eternity in hell, with him…

Satan will not quit until that trump sounds. When the trump sounds, that is what I would like to refer to as been “saved by the bell”. Many shall say in that day as they behold Satan: “Is this truly the one that deceived the nations?”

The day you said “yes” to the Lord Jesus, you enrolled not only as a participant of the Kingdom of Light but also as a problem or enemy of the darkness.

There will always be a struggle or conflict between these two realities, aptly “the Darkness” and “the Light”, but praise God, the Light ALWAYS expels, exceeds or drives out ALL Darkness.

The question we ought to ask ourselves is, are we ready to engage in a spiritual fight?

Cause that is part and partial the package of a Christian, the devil is sly and subtle and might use vices you are not familiar with to bring you down to the ground.

But friend, when the 9 count starts to your defeat, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, Hallelujah, The Father continues, 10,11,12,13,14,15 He will keep the count until you stand to your feet, with the resilience and absolute tenacity to continue and never to give in or give up.

God will never quit on us, neither should we as Christians quit on Him. God will keep counting, as long as you need to get back up on your feet, regardless of the scrutiny, regardless of the pain and losses, we move on and launch out against the dark with absolute unwavering Faith and by the sound of the bell.